New World devs confirm massive changes to PvP are on the way

Connor Knudsen
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New World devs have just confirmed some exciting changes coming to PvP in a recent developer corner post. Here’s a look at what players can expect.

New World has been undergoing a litany of changes since its release in September 2021 as devs attempt to manage the game’s many bugs and exploits.

With so many moving parts, it’s a bit hard to keep track of what exactly is being changed and when.

But, showing some transparency in a November 2 developer post, the studio has confirmed some massive changes coming to the game’s open-world PvP.

New World PvP changes

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New World’s PvP is about to get a huge facelift.

On November 2, 2021, Amazon Games confirmed a series of upcoming changes to New World’s PvP in a lengthy developer corner post. Chief among these changes are alterations to PvP flagging rewards and some exciting new missions that are on the way.

“And a last bit of good news for all the territory flippers out there, there are some new PvP mission types coming to the game soon.

In addition to these new missions, meant to increase diversity in PvP, flagging for PvP will now yield more rewards. This will be especially true for those already at level 60.

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New World players want more PvP and fixes for the economy. And it looks like they’re about to get both.

According to devs, there are several short, medium, and long-term changes coming to PvP flagging.

“There are two changes coming in the short term that should help. The first is that we are going to increase the luck of players when flagged… Second we are going to reduce the durability damage to gear when flagged, this will reduce the risk of flagging a bit, especially in end game gear repair costs.”

“In the medium term, we will also adjust the rewards for PvP kills at 60 so they can enhance players high watermark (HWM) more… Longer term expect a new open world activity that flagged players can participate in that we hope spurs and rewards some smaller scale engagements across Aeternum.”

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New World is undergoing a lot of changes lately as the game’s devs seek to get it running properly.

The official post went on to talk about the developers’ reflections on war and territory control. Each of these had mostly positive sentiments from devs, however, expect some changes to tax distribution and some tuning to wars coming in the near future.

Devs have been hard at work recently and the community has taken notice, creating several appreciation threads on the New World forums. But, their work is not yet finished.

The team has urged players that they are nearing a fix to the game’s gold distribution exploit, which resulted in the Trading Post and all forms of gold transference being shut down.

At the time of this article’s release and the developer corner post, that issue remains unfixed.