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New World players demand fix to game’s ‘biggest problem’

Published: 8/Nov/2021 23:01

by Alan Bernal


The New World community is demanding that Amazon Games fix their MMO’s biggest problem around its servers as people are starting to feel the effects of low player counts.

The New World servers have been suffering from low population counts and it’s having major implications with how the game is playing. Aside from an MMOs general tendency to invite and be supported by a large community, some of the systems in AGS’ game are feeling the impact of dwindling players.

“Yeah feels like our server is in a bad place atm and it’s getting worse,” one player explained. “Bleeding lots of players and it feels like it’s snowballing.


“Don’t think the server will be viable in a week or two.”

People are describing this as New World’s biggest issue. Low player counts in multiple servers are actually hindering gameplay due to degrading stations, trickling economies, and dead endgame content.

new world server population
Amazon Games
New World’s low server populations are causing residual damage to various systems in the game.

New World server merge desperately needed

“My server is quickly becoming unplayable,” Redditor ‘Trevorjrt6’ said. “Every town is degrading to tier 2 and 3 stations after the majority all being at 4 or 5 tier. At this rate, we’ll never be able to craft anything endgame.

“This game requires a heavily active server otherwise all the systems breakdown. This needs to be priority #1 ahead of every single bug. Either change the system or merge servers.”


Luckily, AGS has confirmed that server mergers are coming to New World. This means that worlds with low populations will band together with others to combine player counts.

But the update isn’t immediately on the way. Devs are currently doing additional scale testing to New World server merges before it hits the live game.

new world server population
Amazon Games
AGS are going to implement New World server merges soon.

Though that patch will hopefully address the MMO’s issues, players are concerned that the fix is taking too long to be implemented and will cause irreparable damage to New World.

“Of all the issues New World has, this one worries me the most,” one player said. “I think it could really do some damage to the size of the overall player base and will be irreversible.


“They need to make server merges or allow a way for players to purchase transfer tokens ASAP. This should be the highest priority.”