New World devs confirm server merges are coming amid falling player base

new-world-server-merges-confirmedAmazon Games

New World developers responded to the community’s concerns about servers dying due to server transfers and population decline by confirming that server merges are “on the horizon.”

New World’s population has been in decline for several reasons.

Not only has it been riddled with game-breaking bugs and exploits, but players are also running out of things to do due to a lack of viable endgame content.

The developers managed to fix a lot of those issues in Update 1.05, which the community dubbed as ‘game-saving.’ However, the player base is still down, and server transfers have effectively killed some low-population servers.

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As a result, the community has been begging the developers to consider merging servers before it’s too late. They responded and confirmed that the feature is on the way, but it won’t happen until they’re sufficiently tested.

Amazon Games
New World players in low-population servers are struggling to find other players.

“World merges are on the horizon but require additional scale testing before we are confident enough to use the tech on the live worlds,” they said.

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“As you can imagine, given the first few rocky weeks, we are using an overabundance of caution here.

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“There is never a moment where we don’t think about it, and [we] are actively working on it. Our Community managers will keep folks updated when we are ready to make those adjustments,” they added.

new world enemy fighting screenshotAmazon Games
Server merges will allow players to connect with others in the same world set.

The developers have been working hard to iron out the game’s many issues. They promised to keep the ball rolling, too.

Server merges might not happen for a while. But the fact they’ve been confirmed is welcome news to players in low-population servers who haven’t been able to enjoy the game to its fullest.

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