Mortal Kombat 1 currency explained: Koins, Dragon Krystals, Seasonal Kredits & Krowns

dragon krystals, koins, and seasonal kurrency in mortal kombat 1NetherRealm

It might be hard to keep track of Mortal Kombat 1’s currencies as there are four of them. They are spread out across the game’s various modes, so our job today is to try and make this all easier to understand.

The crazy world of MK1 is backed up by a just-as-bonkers currency system. The beat ’em up title has not one, two, nor even three, but four different currencies to monitor. Each one has a different job and is a gateway to essential Mortal Kombat 1 content.

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Wherever your main focus lies in MK1, you are likely to be rewarded for it. If you fancy replaying the game’s campaign, discovering all of what Invasions has to offer, or just simply going 1v1 with every player online, currencies will be rewarded. If you’re finding it overwhelming to differentiate the four, then we’re here to help.


koins in mortal kombat 1NetherRealm

How to earn Koins in Mortal Kombat 1

The most basic of all four MK1 currencies are Koins, and you can get them by successfully ticking off Tutorials, completing chapters in Story Mode, finishing matches, leveling up, and meeting the objectives for Daily and Weekly Quests.

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Obviously, the amount you earn will vary depending on the action performed. In any case, just playing the game will pretty much earn you Koins.

What do Koins do in MK1?

You use Koins in Mortal Kombat 1 to give to the Dragon Shrine in Extras.

Each use of the dragon will set you back 1,000 Koins and you’ll be rewarded with various goodies from skins to, more than likely, concept art.

How to earn Dragon Krystals in Mortal Kombat 1

Dragon Krystals are pretty much Mortal Kombat 1’s premium currency that requires real money to obtain.

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As seen in recent MK games, Dragon Krystals are basically microtransactions – although you can earn some for completing the Story Mode too. Outside of this, you will have to pay for them if you want to own them.

What do Dragon Krystals do in MK1?

Dragon Krystals can be used to buy a litany of cool cosmetic purchases in Mortal Kombat 1, as well as buy ‘Easy Fatalities,’ making the game’s most punishing, end-of-match signatures incredibly easy to pull off.

There are no gameplay-boosting items that Dragon Krystals can buy. The currency is intended to purely obtain cool outfits and make your characters look more flashy.

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seasonal notice in mortal kombat 1NetherRealm

How to earn Seasonal Kredits in Mortal Kombat 1

In MK1, Seasonal Kredits are another form of currency and require different methods to acquire: free rewards through the Shrine, fighting in Towers, Invasion Mode, and Online multiplayer, as well as Quests.

Largely, they’re not too dissimilar to Koin in many respects. However, it’s how you can spend them that changes things up.

What do Seasonal Kredits do in MK1?

After accumulating some Season Kredits, you can take them to the Store to procure special seasonal items.

For example, MK1’s first season revolves around a fire theme, meaning you can purchase special fire-themed skins for every character – even Sub-Zero and Frost – as well as unique cosmetic items for everyone.

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invasion mode board in mortal kombat 1NetherRealm

How to earn Krowns in Mortal Kombat 1

The final currency is Krowns, and these can be earned exclusively in MK1’s Invasion Mode.

Winning fights and advancing around each stage’s board will net you some Krowns. Just to reiterate, these cannot be used in any other MK1 game mode other than Invasion.

What do Krowns do in MK1?

Krowns can be used in one of two ways in Mortal Kombat 1: either at Kollecor’s Shop or at the Forge.

if you opt for the Shop, you can buy special boosters that can help you out if you’re struggling with a fight. If you’re more interested in the Forge, then it will allow you to upgrade your gear such as Talismans.

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