Impaling Enchantment in Minecraft: How to deal extra damage with Tridents

cover art for minecraft featuring a trident.Mojang Studios

The Impaling enchantment in Minecraft allows you to deal extra damage with the Trident against various enemies, so read on to find out exactly how to get it and which enemies it’s best against.

Enchantments are essential in Minecraft as they help you to boost various aspects of gameplay, with the Impaling enchantment boosting the Trident’s overall damage when applied to it. Additionally, it also grants certain perks to the weapon when upgraded.

The Impaling enchantment has a total of 5 different levels that you can unlock through upgrading, so you’ll be able to continually kick your damage up a notch as you progress. Keep reading to find out everything about the enchantment in the game.


cover art for the aquatic update that introduced the Impaling enchantment in minecraft.Mojang Studios
The Aquatic Update introduced the Impaling enchantment in Minecraft.

What is the Impaling Enchantment in Minecraft?

The Impaling enchantment is specific to Tridents in Minecraft. Tridents enchanted with Impaling will deal more damage to aquatic enemies as well as any that are in contact with water. It also grants a bonus of 2.5 damage at each upgraded level.

Here’s a chart showing the bonus damage granted to Tridents at each upgrade level:

Enchantment Level Bonus Damage Total Melee Damage Total Ranged Damage
I +2.5 11.5 10.5
II +5 14 13
III +7.5 16.5 15.5
IV +10 19 18
V +12.5 21.5 20.5

How to get the Impaling Enchantment in Minecraft

There are two methods of enchanting your Trident with the Impaling enchantment in Minecraft. While you can always try your luck with an Enchanting Table, there is no guarantee of receiving a specific enchantment from this method.

The safest method for unlocking the Impaling enchantment is by obtaining an Enchanted Book of Impaling. You can find one of these by fishing with the help of a fishing rod that has been enchanted with Luck of the Sea.

Once you find the book, you’ll need to place both the Trident and book on an Anvil, where you’ll be able to then apply the enchantment by spending some Experience Points.

screenshot of the world in minecraftMojang Studios
The Trident enchantment can be very useful during rainy spells.

What is the Impaling Enchantment most effective against?

You can use any Trident affected by the Impaling enchantment to deal bonus damage to aquatic creatures. These creatures can range from dolphins and squids to Elder Guardians and Guardians. This makes the Impaling enchantment highly effective when facing off against water-borne enemies.

Apart from that, it also allows you to deal bonus damage to all enemies under specific conditions. Enemies that are in contact with water will always take bonus damage from an enchanted Trident. The enchantment’s effects are also triggered when fighting enemies during rain, so it’s a great idea to keep it in your inventory for moments like these, even when you’re not out on the ocean.

So, there you have it – everything you need to know about the Impaling Enchantment in Minecraft.

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