How to get Minecraft Poisonous Potato April Fools add-on

Rishabh Sabarwal
Minecraft Potato update cover

Want to get the Poisonous Potato April Fools add-on in your Minecraft world? Here’s how you can get it for free easily.

Minecraft add-ons provide limitless chances for players to personalize and improve their gaming experiences. Whether you want to improve the visuals, add new gameplay elements, or embark on totally new adventures, there is an add-on for you.

However, on holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and even Halloween, Mojang’s developers step up their game with community add-ons and in-game events that Minecraft players adore. Similarly, in honor of Easter and April Fools Day 2024, Mojang has collaborated with Jigarbov Productions to release a new add-on update called Poisonous Potato for Minecraft.

The add-on is themed after April Fool’s Day and a fully-fledged update with new gameplay features. In case you’re wondering how to use and install the Minecraft add-on, we’ve got you covered.

Farming Poisonous Potato in Minecraft
Minecraft has released a new update to celebrate April Fools Day with players.

How to get Minecraft Poisonous Potato add-on for free

Poisonous Potato is a free add-on players can get from the Minecraft Marketplace as part of the new update. The add-on only works in vanilla Minecraft: Bedrock Edition by default and needs a Snapshot update before it can be playable in the Java version.

You can set up your own Poisonous Potato farm, use it as a vehicle wheel, or even place it on a pedestal to worship it. The update brings 5 new biomes, Potato Peeler Gear and Lashing Potato Gear, new cosmetics, poisonous potato mobs, and more.

Minecraft Poisonous Potato on a pedestal
You can place the Poisonous Potato anywhere in your Minecraft world.

However, if it is only the add-on you want to get started with the fun in your Minecraft world, follow these steps:

  • Head to the official store page for Poisonous Potato.
  • Click on Get This Item.
  • Launch Minecraft.
  • Head to the 24w14potato Snapshot update.
  • Create a New World in Creative.
  • Open your inventory to access Pedestal.
  • Surf through your inventory and spawn as many potato-themed items as you want to start the fun.

Players can also head over to the official Minecraft website and click on small potatoes floating around the page, to unleash a toxic easter egg related to the fun update.

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