Madden 24: Should you use Image Quality or Performance Mode?

Chris Studley
A sack in Madden 24Electronic Arts

There are two different types of Graphics settings in Madden 24: Image Quality and Performance. Here’s a look at what each does and which one you should choose.

In Madden 24, players have the option to choose from one of two different Graphics settings: Image Quality or Performance.

Both are different and will affect how ones sees the action out on the gridiron. But, which option is the best?

For those who plan on playing a lot of online, there’s a simple answer to that question.

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Graphics settings in Madden 24Electronic Arts

Image Quality vs. Performance in Madden 24

Individuals who plan on playing a lot of online in Madden 24, whether it be Head-to-Head or Madden Ultimate Team, should choose Performance over Image Quality.

The reason why is because in Performance Mode, the game will be optimized to deliver “the highest possible framerate” in Madden 24.

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Frame rates affect how quickly the images move on the screen. Should the frame rate be too low, it could lead to slow and laggy visuals on a monitor and problems seeing the full scope of the field.

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Image Quality mode, on the other hand, delivers the highest possible graphic quality in Madden 24. However, the frames per second (FPS) rate won’t be as great, and input lag does become a problem.

For those single-player warriors that want gorgeous shots of the football field, Image Quality would be the preferred option. But be mindful, there is a downside.

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