Madden 24 players vent as ‘game breaking’ Franchise Mode bug yet to be fixed

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A ‘game breaking’ glitch in Madden 24’s Franchise Mode has led to strange player models and a frustrated community. However, a fix has yet to be implemented.

Two weeks after the release of Madden 24, EA Sports implemented a large patch that was designed to fix a number of bugs within the game.

Madden’s Franchise Mode did get a number of fixes in that path, but there was one notable bug that was did not get addressed.

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With no definitive estimation of when the draft class glitch will be fixed, the Madden Franchise community voiced frustration over the problem.

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Madden 24 players frustrated over draft class glitch

On September 1, the Madden 24 team released a new Title Update that fixed a number of bugs in the game and included presentation updates. However, one thing that didn’t get touched yet was a glitch that’s affected draft classes in Franchise.

In Madden 24, a bug has affected imported draft classes in Franchise Mode that has caused player models for all incoming players to look the same. Additionally, there have been reports on social media of players with large weights that have disproportional models.

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The Madden team stated in the update that a fix for the draft class bug is a priority, but there’s no solution at this moment.

The lack of fix has led to players taking to social media to vent on the state of Madden 24 Franchise Mode.

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One Madden player stated on the situation, “[T]his years draft class bug is unacceptable. From created classes not working to unrealistic player models in auto created classes…It completely ruins [F]ranchise [M]ode.”

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Others agreed with that sentiment.

“That draft class glitch literally breaks the game. Most people probably aren’t even aware of it until after their season and then they see 450 dudes who are the exact same…This was the year they claimed to fix franchise, and it’s by far the worst franchise mode of all time,” another Madden player added.

Members of the community also expressed skepticism that the issue would be fixed in the very near future. ” It’s going to be another month or more, isn’t it? This bug is preventing me from playing, because half the fun for me is editing draft classes around, ” a Madden 24 player stated on Reddit.

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Many, however, stated that there’s only one solution to the problem.

One football fan wrote on the state of Madden, “It’s been beaten into the ground but until people stop buying the game every year, this is going to continue. It’s literally the definition of insanity. Buying it every year, and expecting EA to just suddenly change. They make millions each year cause everyone buys the game regardless.”

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