Lost Ark Rapport guide: Best NPCs, gifts & rewards

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One of the many different types of quest your Lost Ark hero can undertake are Rapport quests; but what exactly are they? And which NPC should you spend your time courting and buying gifts for?

While the wonderful world of Arkesia is packed to bursting with NPCs, there are some among Lost Ark‘s extensive roster that are simply built different.

Whether you’re looking to become the Queen of Luterra by cozying up to Thirain, or befriend Nineveh, one of the Sidereals who ended the game‘s dramatic Chain War; there is a whole collection of characters that you can build up Rapport with during your travels.

But what is Rapport in Lost Ark? And how can you build relationships with select NPCs? Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know.


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What is Rapport in Lost Ark?

In our non-virtual world, Rapport is defined as “a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well” – and it’s just the same in Arkesia.

Players can form relationships with different NPCs in order to receive rewards, unique greetings and conversations, and much more. Bear in mind that doing this is costly both in terms of money and time, though, so you’re best picking one character and sticking to them.

Rapport quests are denoted by a pink exclamation mark (!) and become available for each new level of Rapport you hit.

Lost Ark Rapport scale

As with every relationship, things come in stages. Rapport levels are divided into five different tiers, each subdivided into different levels:

Rapport Tier Levels
Normal 2
Amicable 3
Friendly 3
Trusted 3
Affection 1

You can use ALT-N to check your Rapport status, as well as which NPCs you can form connections with.

How to build Rapport: Gifts, songs & emotes

Arkesia is a pretty traditional place, so chivalry reigns supreme. Woo your future friends with gifts, songs, and emotes in order to win their hearts.

Of these three different methods, gifts are the best way to start farming Rapport fast. They can be:

  • Purchased from Rapport Gift vendors in all major cities by trading Providence Stones
  • Bought from wandering merchants
  • Purchased via Mari’s Secret Shop
  • Obtained from Login Rewards
  • A reward for completing Island Quests
  • Sometimes drop for completing Adventurer’s Tome requirements

Below are all of the different gift types, as well as how much Rapport XP they net you:

Gift Tier Rapport XP
Epic 300 – 450
Legendary 2,000
Artifact 10,000

There are only two exceptions to this rule:

  • Encavian Crown: 5,000 XP to female NPCs
  • Crystal Necklace: 5,000 XP to male NPCs
lost ark rapport quest for Neria
Neria is the first Rapport NPC you come across in Lost Ark, and man her quests are a rollercoaster.

Best NPCs to build Rapport with in Lost Ark

While there’s an endless supply of Rapport characters in Lost Ark, some are simply worth a little more of your time than others.

Beatrice, Blue-Eyed Calvasus, Nineveh, and Sasha are among the most important, but we’ve added some others below that will help you complete your Adventurer’s Tome and earn some cash.

NPC Location Rapport Level Why
Beatrice Trixion Friendly Gives a Giant’s Heart to exchange for Skill Point Potions on Wisdom Isle
Blue-Eyed Calvasus Hypnos’s Eyes (Sailing Votage) Trusted Gives a Giant’s Heart to exchange for Skill Point Potions on Wisdom Isle
Nineveh Whispering Islet Trusted Gives a Giant’s Heart to exchange for Skill Point Potions on Wisdom Isle
Sasha Arthetine
Origins of Stern/Town Hall
Trusted Gives a Giant’s Heart to exchange for Skill Point Potions on Wisdom Isle
Ealyn Shushire Amicable Gives 200 Gold to help with early game
Thirain Luterra Castle Amicable Gives 200 Gold to help with early game
Neria Neria’s Tarvern (Yorn) Trusted Provides the Full Mine Car Ham Set to complete Adventurer’s Tome requirements
Orelda Glass Lotus Lake (Rohendel) Trusted Provides the Special Cake Recipe to complete Adventurer’s Tome requirements
Siera Prideholme Plaza Trusted Provides the Special Potato to complete Adventurer’s Tome requirements
Thunder Nomad Camp (Yudia) Trusted Provides the Ritual Food Ingredients to complete Adventurer’s Tome requirements

So that’s everything you need to know about building Rapport and snagging some sweet, sweet rewards in Lost Ark.

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