Lost Ark Start of Our Story: How to complete Nineveh rapport quest on Whispering Islet

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Lost Ark‘s Lazenith archer and stunning heroine, Nineveh, has captured players’ hearts, but just how do you complete the Start of Our Story Rapport quest and venture to meet her the Whispering Islet? 

If you’re done shredding the hordes for the day in the grueling dungeons of Lost Ark, you may be looking to chill out and spark up a relationship with one of the game‘s extensive cast of male and female NPCs.

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In order to do so, you’ll need to make sure you’ve stocked up on enough Providence Stones so that you can start buying Rapport Gifts – trinkets with special meanings to the character your heart desires. In order to give them to them, though, you need to know where to find your future partner.

Lazenith archer and all-around heroine, Nineveh, is one of the characters that has enchanted heroes across Arkesia, but finding her home location (the Whispering Islet) and completing her Start of Our Story Rapport quest isn’t easy. So, here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know to sweep her off her feet.

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lost ark characters fighting a boss in a dungeonSmilegate RPG
When you’re done running dungeons, why not relax and get to know the locals?

Lost Ark Whispering Islet location

In order to find the love of your (virtual) life, you’ll need to make your way to the Whispering Islet; an island location that is easily missed if you’re not paying attention.

The Whispering Islet (Little Whispering Island in the Korean and Russian versions) is located North West of the Crescent Moon Marina on Rethramis, right in the heart of the Whispering Sea. We’d recommend making the trip to the above Marina and setting sail, as it’s closest to Nineveh’s location – but make sure you’ve got the Pirate Coins to do so.

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lost ark whispering islet locationlostarkmap.com
The Whispering Islet is just off the coast of the game’s starting area, Rethramis.

Lost Ark Start of Our Story quest: How to start & complete

Once you’ve docked on the emerald plains of the Whispering Islet, you’ll want to make your way to the Eastern island at the Closed Beach.

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From here:

  1. Speak to Allegro 
    • He has a deep purple exclamation mark above his head
  2. Approach Totoikis (a large blocky creature) and interact with ‘G’
  3. You are then transported to the Southern Island; bare left towards Windy Knoll and go up the hill
  4. Speak to Nineveh and listen to her story
  5. Once you listen to the dialogue the quest will complete

Lost Ark Nineveh: Rapport rewards

The best thing about romance is the gifts, right? And trust us when we say Nineveh has a few pretty good gifts up her sleeve – including the highly coveted Island Token for the Whispering Islet.

In order to get each of Nineveh’s rewards, you’ll have to build up Rapport with her. The higher your standing, the better the gifts.

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Rapport Reward Rapport Points
Neutral 5 x Ancient Platinum Coin 3,200
Amicable 1 x Stat Increase Potion

9 x 100-Gold Coin

8 x Ancient Platinum Coin

Friendly 5 x Recovery Battle Item Chest

10 x 100-Gold Coin

17 x Ancient Platinum Coin

Trusted 14th Epic Giant’s Heart

Nineveh Legendary Card

Whispering Islet Token


So that’s how to reach the Whispering Islet in Lost Ark and, in turn, complete Nineveh’s Start of Our Story Rapport quest.

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