Lost Ark Grand Prix guide: Off to the Races Quest, Arkesia Event Tokens & Naruni Hat reward

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Lost Ark‘s latest event, the Arkesia Grand Prix, pits players against each other in a race for the crown. If you fancy saving up some Arkesia Event Tokens to get yourself a Naruni Hat, here’s where to start the Off to the Races quest and get involved.

Following Lost Ark‘s highly anticipated March update, there’s a lot of juicy new content for players to sink their teeth into. From all new Guardian Raids to the inaugural PvP season; there’s a lot to do in Arkesia.

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When you’re not grinding through dungeons, though, you may be interested in something a little more lighthearted. Enter the Arkesia Grand Prix, a new event that pits teams of seven against one another in the race to end all races.

So, looking to get involved? Here’s everything you need to know about the Lost Ark Grand Prix event: from how to farm Arkesia Event Tokens, to how to get a Naruni Hat and flex on the competition.

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lost ark grand prix event naruni raceSmilegate RPG
Looking to run around Arkesia as an adorable little dragon? Now’s your chance!

Lost Ark Arkesia Grand Prix event: Dates & rotations

The Lost Ark Arkesia Grand Prix event will run from March until the April update. While the exact date for this hasn’t been announced, we’ll keep this page updated as further information emerges.

You can participate in the event every two hours, so if you’re looking to farm up your Arkesia Event Tokens be sure to check back every second hour.

What is the Arkesia Grand Prix?

As we mentioned before, the Arkesia Grand Prix is a 7v7 PvP race. Players will take control of their own adorable little dinosaur (called a Naruni) and try to collect as many cakes as they can. Yes, you read that correctly; you are a dinosaur trying to get cakes.

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But beware! There are some ravenous creatures on the enemy squad as well that are also looking for a taste of some sweet floury goodness, so you’ll have to defeat them to earn some Arkesia Event Tokens.

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Lost Ark Grand Prix: Off to the Races quest

In order to take part in the Grand Prix, you’ll need to visit an Arkesia Grand Prix Manager in any major city (Prideholme excluded). Chat to these lovely ladies to get started, but you will need to be Level 50 in order to participate in the race.

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lost ark deathblade assassin speaks to arkesia grand prix manager for day at the races questSmilegate RPG
In order to enlist in the Arkesia Grand Prix, you’ll need to find a Manager in one of the major cities.

Lost Ark: Arkesia Event Tokens & how to buy Naruni Hat

Upon completing the Grand Prix and eating a whole lot of cake, you’ll score Arkesia Event Tokens. This limited-time currency can then be traded to the Arkesia Grand Prix Manager of your choosing.

You can buy everything from Engravings to an adorable Naruni Hat for your character – just so long as you have the Tokens to do so! Below are all of the rewards, how much they cost, and how many you can get per day.

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Item Description Cost (Arkesia Event Tokens) Limit
Bloodclaw’s Glittering Coin Gives 500 Pirate Coins 10 Twenty
Sailing Coin Chest Grants 500 of a Sailing Coin of your choice 10 Twelve
Una’s Task (Dalies) Allows you to buy an instant complete dailies pass. 10 Five
50 x Destruction Stone Fragment Tier 1 honing resource to spend on Tier 1 weapons 20 Ten
150 x Guardian Stone Fragment Honing items that allows you to upgrade Tier 1 gear 20 Ten
5 x Harmony Leapstone Gain one Harmony Leapstone 20 Ten weekly roster
Phoen Currency used for trading at the Auction House 20 Ten
Creation Fragment Grants Card XP when enhancing cards 30 Four
5 x Life Leapstone Used for Tier 2 gear honing 30 Ten
10 x Star’s Breath Teir 1 item that increases the potential of successful honing 30 One
Una’s Daily quest increase Increases the amount of dailies you can complete in one day 30 Three
50 x Destruction Stone Tier 2 honing item you spend on improving your Tier 2 weaponry. 40 Five
150 x Guardian Stone Rare honing item that allows you to upgrade Tier 2 armor 40 Ten
10 x Moon’s Breath Tier 2 item increases success chance of honing gear 40 One
Rare Class Engraving Recipe (requires 802 item level to purchase) Contains one Rare Class Engraving book 40 Eight weekly roster
Card Pack Grants any random card 50 Ten
3 x Harmony Shard Pouch Contains 1000 Harmony Shards for Tier 1 players 50 Five weekly roster
3 x Life Shard Pouch Contains 1000 Life Shards for Tier 2 players 50 Five weekly roster
2 x Honor Shard Pouch Rewards 1000 Honor Shards for Tier 3 players 50 Three weekly roster
4 x Honor Leapstone Reagent for Tier 3 gear 50 Five
Magick Society’s Special Dye Chest Gives Magick Society reagents: Shine, Pattern & Dye 50 One
30 x Solar Grace An Uncommon item which increases the chances of honing Tier 3 gear 50 One
Rare Combat Engraving (requires 802 item level to purchase) Random Battle Engraving book 60 Eight weekly roster
10 x Solar Blessing A Rare item which increases the chances of honing Tier 3 gear 70 One
Epic Class Engraving (requires 1302 item level to purchase) Gives one Epic Class Engraving 80 Four weekly roster
90 x Guardian Stone Crystal Tier 3 Rare honing item that increases Tier 3 Item Level 100 Five
5 x Solar Protection Epic quality item that increases the success chance of honing Tier 3 gear 100 One
Epic Combat Engraving (requires 1302 item level to purchase) Random Epic Combat Engraving 100 Four weekly roster limits
Legendary Card Pack Grants one Legendary card 250 One
Naruni Hat Grants your class a Naruni Hat 500 One roster limit

So that’s everything you need to know to take part in Lost Ark’s Arkesia Grand Prix: from the Off to the Races quest to the rewards you can spend your hard-earned Arkesia Event Tokens on.

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