Lost Ark Moake boss: Location, item level, spawn rate & how to beat

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Lost Ark‘s shores may be spectacular, but deadly Field Bosses like Moake lie in wait for avid adventurers. Here’s this scaly creature’s location, its spawn rate, and, most importantly, how to beat it.

While Lost Ark‘s extensive network of dungeons and raids contain some of Arkesia’s strongest foes, each different region of the map contains an equally powerful Field Boss just waiting to grind your warrior to a pulp.

From the fearsome Chaotic Chuo to the powerful Achates, there’s a whole host of titans for you to fell; but by far the oddest (and most adorable) is Moake. A powerful chameleon-inspired creature whose cute looks disguise a deadly monster, this boss has proven to be quite the handful.

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Looking to take down this fearsome foe? Here’s how to beat Moake in Lost Ark, as well as its location, spawn rate, and the item level required to face it.


lost ark players fighting moake world bossSmilegate RPG
Moake is a pretty powerful creature despite its colorful nature.

Where is Moake in Lost Ark: Location & spawn rate

Moake can be found on the island of Tikatika Colony in Punika. Head to the Aria Pond triport and hear north to uncover its tropical lair.

Be aware that you’ll need to accept the ‘Raid: Moake‘ quest, which only appears at certain intervals during the week. Use your Procyon’s Compass to check when it spawns in your region.

lost ark moake locationlostarkmap.com
Moake is located just north of the Aria Pond triport.

Lost Ark Moake: Item level (iLevel) requirement

In order to take on Moake you need an Item level (iLevel) of 1415. 

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You will be able to aggro it even if your item level is lower, but your attacks will barely scratch its scaly surface. Therefore, we suggest obtaining the correct item level before trying to best this emerald enemy.

How to beat Moake in Lost Ark

Moake is a Level 50 Field Boss, meaning that it’s hardly going to go down without chunking out a few of its challengers first. Below we’ve listed all of its abilities, and how best to counter them to defeat this menace once and for all.

Bear in mind that Moake has three phases. While all of the attacks from its first phase persist throughout the raid, it gains a few extra attacks as the battle progresses. These are denoted by green, blue, and red.

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Ability What it does How to counter
Flash Moake emits a flash that stuns players in conical AoEs around it Dodge out of the cones towards its tail and head
Caustic Fumes Maoke spews fumes from its tail and mouth in conical AoEs around it Dodge into Moake’s sides – but be aware this attack is normally accompanied by a Flash!
Ground Slam Maoke jumps up and slams into the ground (possibility of three slams) As soon as Moake jumps, move to the edges of the arena
Body Roll Moake curls into a ball and rolls forward, dealing damage to anyone who is hit A rectangular marker will appear on the ground – make sure you aren’t inside it
Tail Whip Moake will whip its tail around in a semi-circular swipe A semi-circular marker will appear on the ground – make sure you aren’t inside it
Breath & Beam Moake curls its tail above its head and shoots purple and green energy waves that sweep left and right Head to the back of Moake to avoid both attacks
Caustic Blast Moake charges before sending out a shock wave Dodge out of the red circle which surrounds Moake, or dodge inwards to land some hits in the safe zone
Sun Blast Random spots of light will appear on the ground and detonate Don’t go into the light!
Freeze Flowers Moake will summon four flowers around him with a freezing aura. Standing in the aura stacks freeze, and will eventually freeze the player. Destroy the flowers
Freeze Beams Moake curls its tail above its head and shoots purple and green energy waves that sweep left and right. These now inflict freeze. Head to the back of Moake to avoid both attacks
Freeze Blast Moake breaths in freezing air, then expels it in a charged attack and pushes players back Either try to stagger Maoke as it charges, or simply get out of the explosion zone
Flame Flowers Moake will summon four flowers around him that spit fireballs. These leave a lasting fire pit on the ground. Destroy the flowers
Ball & Beam Moake spits fireballs that inflict burn Head to the back of Moake


For taking down this tropical tyrant, you’ll be able to net a plethora of rewards to help boost your character to the next level.

You’ll be able to grab a random selection of the items below each time you defeat the boss, with accessories, gems, and Engraving recipes all up for grabs:

  • Battle Engraving Recipe (legendary)
  • Battle Engraving Recipe (epic)
  • Bleed (Legendary Rune)
  • Destruction Stone Crystal
  • Guardian Stone Crystal
  • Legendary Ability Stone
  • Legendary XP Card
  • Level 1 Annihilation Gem
  • Level 1 Crimson Flame Gem
  • Omnium Star #5
  • Solar Blessing (Bound)
  • Solar Grace (Bound)
  • Solar Protection (Bound)
  • Twisted Space Earrings
  • Twisted Space Ring
  • Twisted Time Earrings
  • Twisted Time Necklace
  • Twisted Time Ring

So that’s everything you need to know to beat Moake in Lost Ark; from its location and spawn rate, to the item level required to challenge it in the first place.

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