What is Lost Ark’s most popular class?

Lost Ark characters gathered togetherSmileGate

Lost Ark has finally given MMO fans something new to take a swing at with a wildly in-depth set of classes and ways to play. Though, which is the most popular so far? 

After years of waiting, MMO fans across the globe have finally been able to test their hand at Smilegate’s Lost Ark, which has already broken records on Steam with over 1.3 million players jumping into the game at one point.

While the queue waits can be pretty lengthy and cause headaches, it’s worth the wait given how vibrant the world is, how challenging the Instances are, and just how deep the character building is with five main classes, as well as 15 different specializations to choose from.

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When it comes to those character classes, it is important to find the right one for your playstyle, especially as you delve deeper into the more advanced character set-ups. So, as it stands, what exactly is the most played class in Lost Ark right now?

Lost Ark Wardancer classSmilegate RPG
Lost Ark early access began on February 8, but its opening up to more players.

Lost Ark most-used classes

Well, according to stats from Lost Arkive – based on Europe’s popular Galatur server – it is the Shadowhunter class that leads from the front with just a touch over 11% usage rate.

That is followed by the Sorceress class which is around a 10.5% pick rate, while both Deathblade and Gunslinger are the only other two classes to have over a 9% pick rate, occupying the third and fourth-placed slots respectively.

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Screenshot of character stats for Lost ArkLost Arkive
As per the most available stats, it is Shadowhunter that leads the way.

Obviously, these stats may be a little different based on where you play in the world, but they are the only real available stats at the moment. As the game settles down and more players are able to get lost in the world of Arkesia, things will naturally change.

As things do change, we’ll update this article so you can keep up to date with what build everyone else is running.

If you’re still waiting to get into Lost Ark, and don’t know what way you’re going to run your character, be sure to check our vast number of in-depth guides to get situated.

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