How to beat the Ferocious Bear boss in V Rising: Location, tactics & rewards

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Here's a detailed guide on how to defear Nicholaus The Ferocious Bear Boss in V Rising
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Defeating the Ferocious Bear can be an uphill battle in V Rising, and if you’re struggling to overcome it we’ve got all of the information you need to beat this terrifying creature.

V Rising is a fresh blend of survival and horror tropes, testing your mettle by pitting you against multiple bosses throughout the game. These fights require strategy and if you lack one, you’re going to be heavily punished.

Defeating the Ferocious Bear in V Rising is no easy task, as it physical prowess can prove to be overwhelming, but don’t fret, our guide will help you out.


Where to find the Ferocious Bear boss in V Rising?

Being a V Blood boss, the Ferocious Bear is one of the most difficult to beat in the game. You can find it in the Bear Cave in the shadow of the Hallowed Mountains, towards the south eastern border of the Farbane Woods.

The creature is huge and is a Level 36, meaning you need to reach the same level to fight her head-to-head. The Ferocious Bear is capable of inflicting splash damage but fear not, you’ll be able to easily defeat the boss by following the steps below.

Location of The Ferocious Bear Boss in V Rising
V Rising
The Ferocious Bear is a level 36 boss in V Rising.

How to defeat the Ferocious Bear boss in V Rising?

Like Nicholaus, defeating the Ferocious Bear won’t be a walk in the park. You have to prepare yourself the right way before locking horns with the mighty creature.

Leveling up and Gear Equipment

The first thing you must ensure is to level yourself up to 36 in order to defeat the bear. Defeating it will reward you with an essential item that we’ll discuss later.

Unlike Nicholaus, this boss can be taken down using either melee or ranged attacks, but it totally depends on what type you prefer. Ideally, we’d recommend choosing a ranged form of attack for dodging easily during difficult situations.

Here’s a rundown of some of the best gear and abilities that you can equip to get an advantage while fighting against him:

  • Nightstalker Armor
  • A copper weapon
  • Veil of Chaos (Travel)
  • Aftershock (Basic 1)
  • Blood Rite (Basic 2)
About The Ferocious Bear boss in V Rising
V Rising
The Ferocious Bear boss can slam you on the ground.

Reading Ferocious Bear’s movement and attack patterns

As we mentioned earlier, the Ferocious Bear is a V Blood boss and deals the maximum damage in close-range combat due to her predatory slams.

The Ferocious Bear has a total of two attack phases which are explained as follows:

First Phase

The Ferocious Bear boss's first attack phase in V Rising
V Rising
Range attacks are effective against the Ferocious Bear.

The first phase in V Rising will doesn’t reveal much about how the boss operates. Since the Ferocious Bear is huge in size, its movement is slow but if she hits you, you’ll feel it.

You need to be aware when it’s on its hind legs, and try to evade as soon as the red circle intensifies. Try to move further as the previous attack will be followed by more slams and this is where your ranged attacks will reign supreme.

In this phase, the Bear can also get up close to you and try to obliterate and a shield will be handy in such situations in case you’re unable to escape the ferocious attack.

Second Phase

The Ferocious Bear boss's second attack phase in V Rising
V Rising
Veil of Chaos can be used to evade the bear’s enraged attacks.

The second phase will unleash its ultimate power. Along with the previous attacks, it’ll unlock a Rage mode with faster movement speeds preventing you from dodging its enraged attacks.

You’ll either need to use a shield to block the attack or use Veil of Chaos to travel to a different location within her den. During this time, it may even run up to a close range and try to stun you. If it maneuvers this attack during its enraged mode, you’ll be wiped instantly.

After all these attacks, it’ll be vulnerable to attacks and if played wisely, you will be able to defeat it from a distance and occasional melee attacks.

V Rising Ferocious Bear: Rewards

After you’ve successfully defeated the Ferocious Bear in the Farbane Woods, here are the rewards that’ll be unlocked:

  • Bear Form (Power: +25% Resistance, +15% Speed, +15% Health Regeneration, -25% Damage Receive)
  • Fur Rugs

That’s everything players need to know on how to beat the Ferocious Bear boss in V Rising! Players who want to know more about the world of V Rising should check out the rest of our guides below:

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