Topaz in Honkai Star Rail: Leaks, abilities & more

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Honkai Star Rail leaks have revealed a number of details about Topaz, so here’s everything we know about her Skill, abilities, and playstyle.

Topaz is an upcoming 5-star Fire character that is rumored to release in a future Honkai Star Rail update. Current leaks depict the game’s upcoming character as having the ability to summon a Warp Trotter to assist her in combat. As a member of The Hunt path, Topaz could be an incredibly strong Fire character when she releases.

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So, whether you’re curious to know more about Topaz or just wish to know whether you should begin saving up all your Stellar Jades for her banner, then our Honkai Star Rail Topaz hub has everything you need to know.


Who is Topaz in Honkai Star Rail?

Topaz is a 5-star Fire character, who is a member of The Hunt path. Not much is known about her involvement in Honkai Star Rail’s story, but her skills suggest that she is a powerful summoner who can call upon her trusty pet Warp Trotter to help her in combat.

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Is there a Topaz release date in Honkai Star Rail?

No, Topaz has yet to receive an official release date. This means Trailblazers will have to patiently wait for HoYoverse to announce further details in the future. Despite this, we do have information on Topaz’s leaked abilities.

Topaz abilities in Honkai Star Rail

A Honkai Star Rail leaker has revealed Topaz’s Skill and abilities, which give players a sneak peek at how she could play upon her release. Below, you’ll find how details about her Skill, Ultimate, and overall playstyle.

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  • Skill: Summons her special pet Warp Trotter to deal Fire DMG to a single enemy, with a 100% chance to inflict burn status for 2 turns. While under Burn status, the enemy takes fire damage at the start of each round.
  • Warp Trotter Skill: Select an enemy to perform a special attack.
  • Ultimate: Enhances the summoned Warp Trotter by increasing its Critical Rate for the next 2 attacks, dealing additional Fire DMG, and increasing its speed by 100 points for 2 rounds.
  • Talent: At the start of the battle, summons her pet with 90 speed. When Topaz uses a skill to target an enemy, the creature targets that enemy (if possible; otherwise targets a random enemy). When the creature attacks, it deals Fire DMG and recovers 15 energy if the target is Burned.
  • Technique: After using her technique, the creature is released from bondage at the start of the next battle, and after taking one turn, returns to bondage status.

Of course, like all leaks, these could change before Topaz makes her official debut, so be sure to check back here regularly for the latest updates.

So, there you have it, that’s everything we currently know about Topaz in Honkai Star Rail. Make sure you check out our Honkai Star Rail page for all the latest news and information.

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