GTA Trilogy players already discover possible GTA 6 clue in Definitive Edition

GTA 6 teaser hidden in trilogyRockstar Games

GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition launches November 11. However, some players have already gotten their hands on the game, showing off plenty of new features, graphics, and even a potential GTA 6 clue.

It’s not surprising that the GTA Trilogy would contain some new Easter eggs and other content that could result in plenty of speculation towards the next title in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

Despite GTA 6 being years away or even in development hell, this hasn’t stopped rumors, leaks, and tinfoil hat theories from emerging every so often, especially with GTA Online still generating content and the Trilogy releasing.

Now, with the trilogy available for some players, fans may have spotted a sign pointing towards GTA 6 or another potential game in the beloved Rockstar series potentially being revealed soon.

GTA Trilogy billboard teaserRockstar Games
Why would Rockstar change this billboard?

GTA 6 clue discovered in GTA 3 Definitive Edition?

A screenshot posted by Redditor ‘saucojulian’ shows that in GTA 3, a billboard that originally advertised flights to Miami was changed in the remastered version.

Now, the Francis International airport billboard reads, “see you soon” instead of “see you in Miami.”

Amusingly, the ad now features Vespucci Beach, located in Los Santos with a plane flying away from it. This has lead some to think the plane’s direction could be a sign.

“If this is a plane flying away from Los Santos, this could mean that Rockstar is finally moving its focus from GTA 5,” a user wrote. “This makes even more sense with respect to the RDR2 letter GTA 6 tease, where Dan advised Sam to stay in ‘California’, and move on ‘east’ only when time is right, and it seems it’s time now.”

This was a reference to a theory suggesting that GTA 6 was secretly teased in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Is this a GTA 4 Remaster tease?

Others have suggested that seeing as the ad is still for Francis International, located in Liberty City, the billboard could be referring to the rumored GTA 4 Remaster.

“The billboard uses a GTA 5 screenshot instead of trilogy artwork. HD universe,” one noted. “It reads, ‘See you soon,’ with ‘Francis International Airport’ underneath it. Now, what HD Universe game happens to have a Francis International Airport, that a studio dedicated to remastering GTA games may know something about?”

GTA 4 remaster leakRockstar Games
Could we see GTA 4 Remastered next?

Of course, the billboard could also be referring to the upcoming GTA V Expanded and Enhanced versions coming to next-gen consoles in 2022. In any case, the post sparked quite a lot of discussion and the GTA Trilogy isn’t even officially released yet.

It will be very interesting to see what more tidbits and potential clues players find in the coming weeks once they can really sink their teeth into the Definitive Edition trilogy.