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GTA Remastered Trilogy: Release date, major changes, more

Published: 13/Aug/2021 14:33 Updated: 13/Aug/2021 14:35

by Connor Bennett


A remastered GTA Trilogy isn’t too far off hitting the shelves, so, here’s everything we know about what’s coming in the near future. 

For most GTA fans, they just want to get their hands on Grand Theft Auto 6. They want something new to play rather than dropping into GTA Online and Los Santos. Given it’s been nearly a decade since Rockstar dropped a new GTA, that’s not exactly a crazy request either.

However, for some time now, it’s been rumored that the iconic game developers have been working on something else – a remastered version of the GTA Trilogy. 


The original trilogy was released back in 2005, and there have been mobile versions of GTA 3 and Vice City since, however, they’re finally getting an upgrade for the new consoles. 

Rockstar Games
The original GTA Trilogy was released in 2005 as a set.

When is GTA Remaster Trilogy releasing?

There have been plenty of rumors about a remastered trilogy of GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas, with Take-Two seemingly letting the cat out of the bag not too long ago.

After claiming they’d have something special for long-time Grand Theft Auto fans, Rockstar’s publishers noted that they had three unannounced update iterations of previously released games. Or, as we know them, remasters. 

Kotaku further reported that a source has told them it’s GTA-related, and now that’s what everybody is expecting. However, as of writing, no release date is set in stone. Late October/early November has been touted by Kotaku, but that’s it.


The iconic San Andreas title will be getting an upgrade.

GTA Remastered Trilogy changes

For anyone who may be out of the loop, the GTA Trilogy revolves around GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas, three games that redefined the open-world gaming genre. 

According to the reports, the remastered version will keep some elements of the original releases but will have updated graphics and UI. With the games being redone through Unreal Engine, the possibilities are pretty limitless. 

YouTube: DubStepZz/Rockstar
An updated version of Vice City has already been done by modders with GTA 5.

If the updated trilogy does, indeed, release around early November, it’ll be a content-filled period for GTA fans. 

The “expanded and enhanced” version of GTA 5 is set to drop for next-gen consoles on November 11, and maybe, after that, we’ll be one step closer to getting our hands on GTA 6. 


We’ll be updating this post as more information is revealed about the remastered trilogy, so be sure to keep checking back for updates.