Snoop Dogg says Dr Dre is working on music for upcoming GTA game

Snoop Dogg says Dr Dre working on GTA musicRockstar Games

With rumors about GTA 6 still swirling, rapper Snoop Dogg has fanned the flames of speculation by claiming Dr Dre is working on music connected to the next Grand Theft Auto game.

The music of GTA games is always some of the best in the industry, with radio stations blasting everything from hip hop to pop and heavy metal.

As such, as some might expect, the next GTA game (whenever that may be) will likely have a killer soundtrack with some original tunes. Now, it turns out that Dr Dre could be involved with the project.

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In an interview on Rolling Stone’s Music Now podcast, Snoop hyped up his friend Dr Dre, claiming he was “in the studio” and some of his music will be connected to the next GTA game.

GTA 6 box artRockstar Games
Could Dr Dre be making music for GTA 6?

Dr Dre working on GTA music according to Snoop Dogg

“I do know he’s making great f**king music. And some of his music is connected to the GTA game that’s coming out,” Snoop said in an interview set to air on October 29.

“So I think that that will be the way that his music will be released, through the GTA video game,” he added.

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Neither Rockstar Games nor Dr Dre responded to request for comment, and it’s not clear if the game Snoop was talking about is GTA 6 or another title in the series.

GTA the trilogy definitive edition release dateRockstar Games
GTA The Trilogy Definitive Edition launches November 11.

Of course, the upcoming GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition is set to launch on November 11, and GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced is still coming in 2022 on next-gen consoles.

It’s possible that Snoop was really referring to either of those or even a GTA Online update. In any case, it doesn’t sound like he specified.

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Regardless, being able to hear some new Dr Dre in GTA will be awesome, so even if this isn’t a sign that GTA 6 is coming soon, at least we know some good music is on the way.