New GTA 6 Easter egg teaser potentially found in Red Dead 2

Michael Gwilliam
GTA 6 teases in red dead redemption 2

A teaser for GTA 6 has seemingly been discovered in Red Dead Redemption 2 and it may prove that a lot of the leaks we’ve been hearing about are accurate.

Rockstar Games has been quiet on the existence of Grand Theft Auto 6 development, instead continuing to hype up GTA Online and GTA V, which is being ported to PS5 and Xbox Series consoles next.

However, it would seem as if Rockstar left a teaser for the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto series within Red Dead Redemption 2, just as GTA V was teased within the original Red Dead.

Basically, as shown by YouTuber Strange Man, there is a letter players can find in RDR2 that provides a meta take at Rockstar’s relationship with Take-Two, with Sam and Dan Houser.

GTA 6 teaser in Red Dead?

If you read between the lines about “heading east” it’s all a very metaphorical way of Dan telling Sam to slow down with GTA 6 because of how well GTA 5 is doing financially.

“East” seems to be a reference to Vice City, the long-rumored location of the next GTA title. But that’s not the only potential tease to be found.

In the letter, the brothers go by the names Rodolfo and Blanco. This is a big deal, because it could be a reference to Griselda Blanco – a big Columbian drug lord in Miami during the 70s and 80s.

GTA 6 Vice City rumors resurface

GTA 6 vice city rumor
Rumor has it, the next Grand Theft Auto game will return to Vice City.

Could GTA 6 have two playable characters with the names Blanco and Rodolfo? Of course, it has been rumored that the next game will feature the drug trade and take place in the 70s, so this all seems to line up quite well.

It’s also possible that Strange Man is reading too much into the letter and the situation, though there does seem to be some very interesting hints that suggest there is something more to this letter than just random lore.

With GTA V getting expanded and enhanced on next-gen consoles in 2021, it will be very interesting to see if the revamped version features any more GTA 6 clues. Still, this discovery in Red Dead Redemption may just be the closest we’ve come to an official GTA 6 teaser so far.

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