Where to find Onikabuto in Genshin Impact: Map location & uses

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Shenhe next to a Onikabuto

Onikabuto is a core Heizou Ascension material that is needed to level up the upcoming Anemo character, but where can you find them? Here is every Onikabuto map location and how you can farm them. 

Genshin Impact Onikabuto can be found in areas of high Electro concentration, making them rather unique to certain locations. As a result, farming this purple bug can be rather tricky. While Onikabuto aren’t used in the game’s cooking recipes, this Local Specialty is a core Heizou Ascension material. 

This means Travelers who are looking for the best Heziou build will need to hunt down plenty of Onikabuto to maximize his damage. Fortunately, this beetle can be found in abundance in Genshin Impact, so be sure to use our handy Onikabuto location guide to help you get ahead before the 2.8 release date


Where to find Onikabuto in Genshin Impact?

Shenhe looking at a Onikabuto
Onikabuto are fairly easy to spot thanks to their vibrant color.

Onikabuto are only located in Inazuma. This means Travelers will need to level up and progress through the game’s main story to reach the Electro-based region. While Onikabuto can be found across Inazuma, one of the best places to locate them is the island of Tatarasuna

Simply fast travel to the Teleport Waypoint northwest of the island and continue east until you reach the cliffs overlooking the nearby buildings. 

You should start to see a number of Onikabuto on nearby vegetation. Thanks to their purple coloring, these insects are very easy to spot, so once you find them, simply use the interact button to add them to your inventory. 

All Onikabuto map locations

There are a total of 79 Onikabuto that are scattered throughout Inazuma, so be sure to check out every location below: 

Onikabuto map location

Seirai Island map screenshot

Onikabuto uses in Genshin Impact

Onikabuto item description
Onikabuto are used as character Ascension Materials.

Unlike other overworld materials in Genshin Impact, the Onikabuto is predominantly used as an Ascension Material. In fact, both Itto and Heizou utilize this purple bug for leveling up. 

A total of 168 Onikabuto are needed to Ascend each of these characters, which means you’ll need to farm these bugs over a period of days. 

So, there you have it – every Onikabuto location in Genshin Impact. Make sure you check out our Genshin Impact page and guides below for all the latest news:

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