Aloy in Genshin Impact: Everything you need to know

Aloy Genshin Impact crossover leaksmiHoYo / Honey Impact

Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy is set to release in Genshin Impact as part of a new crossover event, but miHoYo has finally released gameplay depicting the new character. Here’s everything you need to know. 

Genshin Impact announced that Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy would be making her way to the game during an exclusive limited-time event on PlayStation. However, we now have details surrounding Aloy’s abilities, weapon, and best build. 

While many players are still saving their Primogems for Baal, the upcoming Aloy crossover will enable everyone to claim the Machine Hunter for free. Here’s everything you need to know about the deadly bow user in the game

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Aloy release date Genshin Impact

How to get Aloy Genshin Impact

Aloy will be available in Genshin Impact during an exclusive limited-time event on PlayStation during Version 2.1. In the Version 2.1 update, players can receive Aloy from their in-game mail after logging in to Genshin Impact on PlayStation. 

Fortunately, you can play Aloy on all available platforms once you unlock her thanks to the latest cross-save feature. 

Meanwhile, other players can receive Aloy via in-game mail after logging in to the game on any available platform during Version 2.2. 

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Aloy skills in Genshin Impact

Aloy abilitiesHoYoverse
Aloy commands the battlefield with deadly Cryo abilities.

Normal Attack: Rapid Fire

  • Normal Attack: Aloy sends out four bow arrows in rapid succession.  
  • Charged Attack: Aloy charges her bow shot, imbuing it with biting frost and dealing Cryo damage to any enemy hit.
  • Plunging Attack: Aloy fires a shower of arrows into the sky before striking the ground, dealing AoE damage to all nearby foes. 

Aloy Elemental Skill: Frozen Wilds

Aside from simply pelting her enemies with deadly ice arrows, the Horizon Zero Dawn protagonist can also hurl out a deadly Freeze Bomb. After the Freeze Bomb detonates, it will split into smaller chillwater Bomblets. 

These Bomblets will explode upon contact with nearby enemies, or after a short delay. Aloy’s Elemental skill also reduces her enemies’ attacks and inflicts them with Cryo. She also gains one Coil stack, which further increases Aloy’s Normal Attack damage. 

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When four Coil stacks are obtained, Aloy gains access to the Rushing Ice ability – this transforms her Normal Attack into Cryo damage. 

Aloy ultimate miHoYo
Aloy’s ultimate freezes all nearby enemies.

Aloy Elemental Burst: Prophecies of Dawn

Aloy throws out a Cryo-filled Power Cell towards her enemies, then quickly detonates it with a well-aimed arrow. Upon detonation, all enemies within the blast are inflicted with AoE Cryo damage.

Best Aloy Artifacts in Genshin Impact

The best Aloy builds are those that utilize Artifacts that increase her crit rate, physical damage, and Cryo potential. You can either make the full sets of each of the Artifacts outlined below or mix and match them to come up with your own perfect combo.

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As of writing, these are the best Aloy Artifact sets:

Artifact Set Bonuses 

Blizzard Strayer Blizzard Strayer

2-piece set bonus: Cryo DMG Bonus +15%.


4-piece set bonus: When a character attacks an opponent affected by Cryo, their Crit Rate is increased by 20%. If the opponent is Frozen, Crit Rate is increased by an additional 20%.

Noblesse Oblige



2-Piece Bonus: Elemental Burst DMG +20%.


4-piece set bonus: Using an Elemental Burst increases all party members’ ATK by 20% for 12s. This effect cannot stack.



Best Aloy weapon in Genshin Impact

Aloy specializes as a bow character, which enables her to safely barrage her foes from afar with deadly precision.

However, if you truly wish to maximize Aloy’s damage potential, then you’ll want to utilize one of the weapons below:

Weapon Details 


Increases Normal Attack DMG by 16% and Charged Attack DMG by 12%. When the equipping character’s Energy reaches 100%, this effect is increased by 100%.
The Stringless 



Increases Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst DMG by 24%.

Predator Bow



Dealing Cryo DMG to opponents increases this character’s Normal and Charged Attack DMG by 10 for 6s. This effect can have a maximum of 2 stacks. Additionally, when Aloy equips Predator, ATK is increased by 66.

Aloy Talent Level-Up materials

In order to level up Aloy’s Talents and Ascend her, you’ll need a lot of common and rare Inazuma resources.

Here’s everything you will need to max out the Cryo crossover character:

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Talent Level-Up Materials
Talent Level-Up Materials Teachings_of_Freedom

Teachings of Freedom (x9)


Guide to Freedom (x63)


Philosophies of Freedom (x114)


Common Ascension Materials Spectral Husk (x18) Spectral Heart (x66) Spectral Nucleus (93) Crown of Insight

Crown of Insight (x3)

Weekly Boss Materials  

??? (x18)




Aloy Ascension Materials

Ascension Materials
Boss Ascension Materials  


Shivada Jade Sliver (x1)


Shivada Jade Fragment (x9)


Shivada Jade Chunk (x9)

Shivada Jade Gemstone

Shivada Jade Gemstone (x6)

Common Ascension Materials  

Spectral Husk (x18)


Spectral Heart (x30)


Spectral Nucleus (x36)


Other Materials  

??? (x46)


Crystal Marrow

Crystal Marrow (x168)



Aloy Genshin Impact character teaser trailer

Aloy is an upcoming 5-Star Cryo character that punishes her foes with icy cold blasts from her bow. However, unlike other ranged characters, Aloy also has another trick up her sleeve. You can see the full breakdown of Aloy’s abilities in the official trailer above.

So, there you have it, everything we know about Aloy in Genshin Impact. Make sure you check out our other Genshin Impact leaks and guides below: 

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