Genshin Impact adds Aloy from Horizon series in surprise PlayStation crossover

Aloy Genshin ImpactmiHoYo

Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy is set to release in Genshin Impact as miHoYo announces a new collaboration with Sony. 

Genshin Impact is finally getting its first official collaboration that will see Aloy – the lead protagonist from Horizon Zero Dawn enter the game. The news comes just after the Inazuma update has dropped, which has since added new enemies, locations, and characters to the game’s ever-growing roster. 

However, it now appears that Aloy will be joining Genshin Impact’s cast of colorful characters. While mIHoYo has had various collaborations with its other free-to-play title, Honkai Impact, Genshin Impact has not had the same treatment. Well, this is finally set to end with the release of Aloy. 

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Aloy Genshin Impact collaboration

MiHoYo announced the Horizon Zero Dawn collaboration by posting an official picture of Aloy, which was drawn in the game’s anime art style. Starting from Version 2.1, the legendary hunter Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn will join the Genshin Impact character roster as a five-star character. 

Players across PlayStation5, PlayStation4, PC, Android, and iOS can obtain this new five-star character for free within a limited time.

How to get Aloy in Genshin Impact?

Aloy will be available in Genshin Impact during an exclusive limited-time event on PlayStation during Version 2.1. In the Version 2.1 update, players can receive Aloy from your in-game mail after logging in to Genshin Impact on PlayStation. Fortunately, you can play Aloy on all available platforms once you unlock her thanks to the latest cross-save feature. 

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Meanwhile, other players can receive Aloy via in-game mail after logging in to the game on any available platform during Version 2.2. In order to enable the cross-save feature, follow our handy Genshin Impact cross-save guide here

Aloy abilities and skills

Aloy Genshin ImpactGuerrilla Games
Aloy will join Genshin Impact as a new 5-star character.

Not much is currently known about Aloy’s kit in Genshin Impact, but we do know that she will wield a bow and acquired a Cryo Vision. This means she’ll be able to freeze her foes with deadly Cryo shots. MiHoYo also stated that this version of Aloy “can wield unique elemental power in combat and exploration.” 

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In Version 2.1, Aloy will be featured as a new five-star character known as the “Savior From Another World” who joins the Traveler in unraveling the secrets of Teyvat. We’ll be updating this piece as soon as more news is announced, so be sure to come back for all the latest updates. 

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