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Star Wars Eclipse is an upcoming action-adventure game set in the new High Republic era of the galaxy far, far away. From early bits about the story and gameplay to development updates, this is everything we know about the game so far. 

Quantic Dream’s upcoming Star Wars title will take players back in time to an age before the Prequel Trilogy and the Clone Wars, in a time called The High Republic.

This is something of a Golden Age for both the Jedi Order and the Republic as a whole, but that doesn’t mean every part of the galaxy is safe. In fact, the bits of the galaxy that aren’t under Republic protection are just as war-torn as ever.

The French studio has become renowned for crafting gripping, narrative-driven games that give players a big say on the outcome of the story. Star Wars Eclipse looks to be a continuation of this ideology and fans of the brand will get a chance to control the narrative.

Here’s everything we know about the game so far.


Star Wars Eclipse story details

Two lightsaber wielders in Star Wars Eclipse
While much of the Galaxy is at peace, there are always a few bad apples out and about to stir up the chaos.

Taking place in a stretch of the galaxy known as the Outer Rim, Eclipse will have players jumping between characters in a sprawling, multi-perspective story mode where every choice a player makes changes the world around them.

In their blog post about the game, Quantic warned players that things can get ugly if they’re not careful with their course of action: “Every decision you make can have dramatic repercussions on your journey. The way of life in the Outer Rim is being threatened and you must define your path.”

Star Wars Eclipse trailer

The reveal trailer mixes in a bit of the familiar alongside more than a few new and unique pieces.

From Master Yoda standing pensively in a Jedi temple to the strange aliens who are performing some kind of ritual, the game has plenty in store for longtime fans and newcomers alike.

There is also a strong sense of conflict between the Trade Federation — the shipping conglomerate responsible for the blockade of Naboo in The Phantom Menace — and some mysterious organization that appears to be marching with an army of their own.

It’s not clear how this fight will play out, but it seems central to the bigger narrative and the players’ own journey.

Is there a Star Wars Eclipse release date yet?

Unfortunately, since Star Wars Eclipse has only recently been announced, there isn’t a final release date yet.

The game is still in early development so it will likely be a while before we have a solid window.

Disney has previously confirmed that 2022 will only be the end of the “first phase” of stories set in The High Republic time period, so a 2023 or later release date is still on the table.

Serious development issues for Star Wars Eclipse?

On December 27, 2021, PlayStation Lifestyle reported that Star Wars Eclipse devs Quantum Dream were “struggling” with the game’s development, which could push its release date back even further.

The reasons for these issues, according to the report are a lack of staff and problems with the game engine currently being used. Apparently, the engine is unable to support the number of NPCs and players, which means as of the report the game is 18 months into development, with no playable version.

These potential issues seem to have been corroborated by renowned industry insider Tom Henderson who has claimed that development is struggling more than first thought.

In an exclusive piece for xfire, Henderson said: “Sources close to Quantic Dream have told me that even though the trailer was released to an extremely favorable reception from the wider gaming community – and it certainly does look stunning – it has not had the desired effect of attracting developer talent to the studio.”

He continued: “As a result, Star Wars Eclipse is likely going to be released around 2027-2028.” This is a huge window of time, so we shouldn’t expect any chunky info on Star Was Eclipse for a while.#

Interestingly, this information is essentially contradicted by another industry insider — AccountNGT.

They said: “Another report I got confirms again the existence of a Dark Sorcerer-based game from Quantic Dream that I had reported a few months ago. SW Eclipse would be the next big game that QD would release though. Apparently, the development is going better than some would have you believe.”

We’ll keep tracking the details and information as these contrasting reports are fascinating and are shrouding Eclipse in a mysterious ball of ambiguity.

That’s all for Star Wars Eclipse for the time being! This will be updated when new information is made available so be sure to come back regularly.

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