Sons of the Forest: Trailers, gameplay, story & everything we know

Sam Smith
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Sons of the Forest is the sequel to the survival horror game The Forest. Here’s everything we know about our return to Endnight Game’s woodland nightmare, from trailers, to gameplay and details on story.

Sons of the Forest will see us return to a terrifying setting of the first The Forest game, as yet another plane crash lands in the dense wilderness. The original game mixed survival and horror elements, and at times, felt like a photo-real Minecraft. Sons of the Forest looks set to bring back this style of gameplay, but this time, the horror has been ramped up.

While the game will likely involve surviving in the Forest by building shelter and hunting food, it will also see the return of the Forest’s mutated cannibal population — who look set to have a much bigger role.


sons of the forest gameplayEndnight Games
There seems to be something different about the mutants in the sequel.

Does Sons of the Forest have a release date?

Sons of the Forest is scheduled to release in October 2022 for PC, but no exact date has been revealed at the time of writing.

What do we know about Sons of the Forest platforms?

So far, a console release has not been confirmed for Sons of the Forest, but the original game was released on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, so there’s a good chance the sequel be will too.

As more information is revealed, we’ll be sure to update you accordingly.

Sons of the Forest trailers

Check out the creepy Sons of the Forest trailers below:

What do we know about gameplay features?

Like The Forest before it, the sequel will be a survival game, where the player needs to explore and craft in order to stay alive. Players will need to build a cabin for shelter, source and cook their food, and avoid the mutated cannibals that come out at night.

The player will also need to solve a mystery and further the story by exploring certain parts of the map. This often involves delving into caves where the cannibals hide during the day, making each trip more treacherous than the last.

Sons of the Forest is played in first-person and borrows heavily from games like Minecraft as well as survival horror games like Resident Evil and Outlast.

Sons of the forest mutantsEndnight Games
The mutants are evolving in Sons of the Forest.

Do we know about the story of Sons of the Forest?

The origin of the mutants was explored in the first game, but they were mostly just cannon fodder. However, the game’s trailers show that the enemies’ culture and motives could be more important in the sequel, as the titular ‘Sons’ seem to have evolved further from their primitive state in the first game.

The mutants appear more organized and confident this time around, which could make the game incredibly frightening. They were often depicted as victims in The Forest, either of another external force — or of the player themselves.

There was a lot of moral ambiguity surrounding the mutants in The Forest, but by the looks of things, in Sons of the Forest, the mutants are now fighting back against intruders, defending their home.

So that’s everything we know so far about the Sons of the Forest.

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