Ghost of Tsushima 2: Leaks, rumors, and everything we know

Andrew Highton
Ghost of Tsushima PC version

Ghost of Tsushima 2 is the greatly requested sequel to the 2020 hit success. Sucker Punch struck gold with the Fuedal Japan-inspired, open-world action-adventure title. So, here’s the lowdown on anything to do with its potential successor.

After finding big success with the Sly Cooper and inFamous games, Sucker Punch took a gamble with a brand-new AAA title – Ghost of Tsushima, a gorgeous open-world extravaganza in a unique setting with a heroic protagonist in Jin Sakai.

Soon after the success of the first game, fans were desperate to dash through even more flowing long grass once more. The combination of its emotive story and fluid gameplay made the idea of a bigger and better Ghost of Tsushima 2 more desirable. With this in mind, here’s what we know about a sequel.


up close with jin sakai in ghost of tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima 2: Do we know when the game is coming out?

Unfortunately, we don’t have either a date or even a release window for Ghost of Tsushima 2. According to leakers, the game does seem to be in development though, so we’ll be updating this section once we learn more.

Ghost of Tsushima 2: Leaks & rumors

While we’ve not had too much official in the way of Ghost of Tsushima 2 news, there have been plenty of leaks regarding the game.

Back in 2020, Sucker Punch began advertising for new roles for people with the following skills:

  • Write high-quality dialogue under tight deadlines for a diverse cast of characters who live in the time period provided.
  • Desire to write stories set in feudal Japan.
  • Knowledge of feudal Japanese history.

Since then, the company has added even more listings for talented developers that specialized in multiplayer games. The Senior Multiplayer Systems Designer position, for example, was looking for talent that could develop “challenging combat encounters and cooperative mechanics.”

Fast-forward to 2023, and Jeff Grubb – one of the industry’s leading insiders – indicated that Ghost of Tsushima 2 would not be present at the PlayStation Showcase 2023. While it’s a disappointment if true, it likely means that the game is definitely in development, and, hopefully, isn’t too far away from being announced.

Ghost of Tsushima 2: Possible platforms

We’ll reiterate that this is purely speculative, but it’s well-known that Sucker Punch has had a long-standing partnership with Sony. While it could eventually get a PC port, we’d fully expect Ghost of Tsushima 2 to be a PlayStation 5 exclusive, maybe with a PS4 release alongside it.

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