Is Sly Cooper making a return? Sequel rumors explained

John Esposito
ghost of tsushima sly cooper

The Sly Cooper rumor mill has been on fire late, inciting mass hope Sucker Punch’s radio silence means the return of the thieving raccoon.

It’s been eleven years since the Sly Cooper series received a new entry. In the time since, the series creator, Sucker Punch, turned its eye towards making more ambitious titles, in the form of Infamous and Ghost of Tsushima, the latter title becoming a smash hit for PlayStation.

It’s been four years since Ghost of Tsushima was released, and without “official” confirmation of a sequel, fans are hopeful Sucker Punch is revisiting their thieving ways. This hope has only magnified with the latest set of rumors surfacing that Sly Cooper is making a return.

Sly Cooper sequel rumors explained

Sly Cooper rumors have always been a hot topic in the gaming industry, despite Sucker Punch shutting down those rumors in 2022 with a statement saying the studio has no plans to revisit Sly Cooper. Of course, official confirmations only lead to more speculation, with Jeff Grub’s latest share sparking a wildfire.

In his latest YouTube video, Grubb shared (starts at the 6:45 minute mark in the video): “I’m hopeful that we would see something from Sucker Punch that is causing Ghost of Tsushima 2 to take a little bit longer than we were expecting. My hope is something with Sly Cooper.” He followed up that it wasn’t confirmed, and was only speculation, although he claimed there was “smoke out there.”

Grubb is a prominent member of the gaming industry, and, while this caused a lot of commotion with many taking his word as final, he himself told people to take his speculation with a grain of salt. “If you go write your headlines about this one, that’s on you,” he explained.

After enough platforms and voices shared Grubb’s words despite his warning, Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier shut down all the information spread.

“No truth to this one, sorry to say. Sucker Punch is a one-project studio. The reason Ghost of Tsushima 2 isn’t out yet is because AAA video games now take 5-7 years to make. (Also, Sucker Punch is smaller than most other AAA game developers).” Schreier stated on Twitter/X in reply to a Sly Cooper headline.

Again, Sucker Punch has gone on record saying Sly Cooper is not in the studio’s plans. If this does change, we’ll keep you updated. For now, the Thievius Raccoonus remains on the shelf of PlayStation’s large portfolio.

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