Epic Games Store Rewards Program: How to get rewards, eligibility & more

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Epic Games has introduced a Rewards Program, where players may earn cashback for every purchase made through the Epic Games Store app. Here’s a detailed guide on how to determine if you qualify.

The Epic Games Store is one of the best places to buy video games online, stocking virtually every new AAA title. The Fortnite creator is well-known for providing its audience with frequent promotions and seasonal events that give discounts and free games.

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The first-ever ‘Epic Rewards’ program was introduced with the start of the Summer Mega Sale 2023, giving gamers 5% cash back on any purchases made in the Epic Games Store.

Epic appears to be adopting a reward system similar to that of Steam, the marketplace operated by Valve Corporation, which is famous for awarding Steam Points to buyers with every purchase.

Here’s how you can find out your eligibility and how you get Epic Rewards in your account.

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Death Stranding for free on Epic Games StoreEpic Games
Epic Games are offering Death Stranding to gamers for free during the promotional event

How to check eligibility for Epic Rewards

The new Epic Rewards program does not need to be activated or registered for. Buying anything from the Epic Games Store (games, apps, add-ons, or virtual currency like V-Bucks) automatically enrolls you in the Epic Rewards program.

Additionally, by accepting the updated Epic Games Store End User License Agreement, all Epic Games account holders will be automatically registered in the Epic Rewards program.

Epic Rewards may be earned and redeemed through purchases made in the Epic Game Store and in-game on PC for Epic titles like Fortnite and other participating games and applications that utilize Epic Game Store payment methods and checkout procedures.

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Epic Rewards Page in Account SettingsEpic Games
Epic Rewards Page in Account Settings

How to get Epic Rewards

Your Rewards Balance will be credited with 5% back in Epic Rewards within 14 days of the purchase being connected with your account. You can check your balance by simply heading over to your Account Settings on the official website.

When you obtain Epic Rewards, you can either immediately use that money towards a purchase or put it away for later use. Savings can be maximized by combining Epic Rewards with other promotional offers.

It’s important to remember that your Epic Rewards will expire 25 months after they were added to your Rewards Balance. Subscriptions like Fortnite Crew that qualify for Rewards can be rewarded in a similar fashion.

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