Dying Light 2’s first major DLC, Bloody Ties, revealed with new arena setting

Dying Light 2 DLCTechland

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is finally getting a single player DLC named Bloody Ties, with a teaser trailer showing off what appears to be an arena-style setting for the new content.

Developer Techland have given fans a brief tease of what they can expect from Dying Light 2’s upcoming DLC, called Bloody Ties. This update also comes after Techland chose to delay the release of this DLC until September 2022.

While the trailer doesn’t reveal much it does indicate that this DLC will likely focus on the combat and fighting elements of the game.

The snippet of footage shows an unknown human character battling it out against a zombie, the action hard to see behind the giant warrior looking skull mask that is placed right in front of the action. Also in the background, flashing billboards can be seen promoting the phrase: “All roads lead to Carnage Hall.” 

While Techland have come out and said Bloody Ties is a story-based DLC, this trailer could be hinting that the narrative will center on an arena-style setting created in the post-apocalyptic world. Dying Light is known for showcasing how humanity has descended to violence following the events of the zombie outbreak.

Part of what made the first Dying Light such a major success for the devs was the way in which they continued to drop story DLC years after the games initial release. The expansion Dying Light: The Following is big enough to be its own game. Because of this, fans are expecting this new DLC to be the first of many.

Dying Light 2 released at the beginning of the year and was one of the biggest games to hit the shelves in the early months of 2022. The game was met with positive reception from fans and critics alike, selling over 5 million copies during its first month on release.

More details surrounding the Bloody Ties DLC will be revealed at the upcoming Gamescom event.