How to complete The Ancient Doorway quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Speaking to Ariel in Disney Dreamlight ValleyDisney / Gameloft

To fully complete Ariel’s questline in Disney Dreamlight Valley you’ll need to finish The Ancient Doorway quest. We’ve compiled a guide to help you restore the Stone Slab to where it belongs.

One of the best things about Disney Dreamlight Valley is its quests. They keep the game exciting and allow you to interact more with the lovable Disney characters dotted about the Valley. However, some quests are a little more challenging than others.

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The Ancient Doorway quest can be a little confusing, especially when you need to find a place to put the Stone Slab. We’ve created a handy guide to the quest, letting you get the Stone Slab back where it belongs without too much hassle.

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How to complete The Ancient Doorway quest

1. Reach friendship level 10 with Ariel

To initially unlock The Ancient Doorway quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley you will first need to reach friendship level 10 with Ariel.

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You can reach level 10 with Ariel by talking to her daily, giving her gifts, and much more. When you reach level 10 the quest will become available.

2. Talk to Merlin

After initiating the quest Ariel will show you something she found while swimming. Once she’s given you the Stone Slab, you’ll be instructed to head to Merlin.

To find Merlin you’ll want to go into the map and locate his avatar. Follow that icon and speak to him about the mysterious Slab.

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3. Enchant the Stone Slab with emotions

Merlin will explain that each rune needs an emotion tied to it. Speak to Ariel to figure out which villagers you need to visit and to put the first emotion in. She will tell you to speak to these characters:

  • Remy about passions
  • Moana about excitement
  • Ursula about anger

4. Place the Stone Slab in the Mystical Cave

Disney Dreamlight Valley caveDisney / Gameloft
You can find the Stone Slab’s location at the bottom of the mysterious cave.

Once you have spoken to all the characters and they have enchanted the slab, you will need to place the Stone Slab in order to open the door.

The Mystical Cave refers to the cave on Dazzle Beach you needed to explore when completing the With Great Power quest. It’s on the east side of Dazzle Beach and is where you find the orb.

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If you’ve completed the With Great Power quest then head all the way to the bottom of the cave. On the right wall, there will be a familiar design embedded within it. Check it to put the Stone Slab in and the door will open.

Behind the door is a Mystical Crystal. Pick it up, speak to Ariel and the quest will be complete!

That’s how to complete The Ancient Doorway quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. For more guides and help with quests take a look at some of these:

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