Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list – Rarities, best cookies & more

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If you’re looking for a Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list ranking every available character in the eighth iteration from the Cookie Run series, along with their rarity, position, and type, we have you covered. Keep reading to stay ahead of the curve and get through levels easily with the right cookie choices.

Cookie Run: Kingdom features 79 unique characters that players can choose from when creating their team. You can utilize a maximum of five cookies at any given point, making team composition a key aspect of the game.

Every cookie has its own unique traits that determine the character’s potential as well as its placement in a team. Apart from that, each cookie has a specific class that represents the primary attribute of the character. If you’re wondering which Cookie Run: Kingdom characters to add to your team, check out the tier list below.

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screenshot of a fight between legendary characters and cake monsters in cookie run: kingdomDevsisters
Every character features special modifiers and perks in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom character tier list (November 2022)

We have segregated our character tier list for Cookie Run: Kingdom into four separate tiers. Before reading any further, however, it’s important to note that all characters in the game have specific rarities, positions, and types that further indicate their impact and effectiveness in battle.

Cookies listed in the A Tier are the ones that you should be looking to train and upgrade as you progress through the game. On the contrary, characters and weapons appearing in the D Tier should be avoided as much as possible.

  • A Tier: Cookies in this tier are undoubtedly the best ones to use in the current meta.
  • B Tier: Although not the strongest cookies, they can still be devastating in multiple scenarios to help change the course of specific quests.
  • C Tier: While these cookies can be overlooked in most situations, they are still capable of doing a decent job in specific scenarios.
  • D Tier: These cookies should be avoided as much as you can. On top of being quite ineffective in battle, they also waste a notable amount of resources to train and upgrade.

With that out of the way, let’s check out which characters you should be looking to use to progress rapidly through Cookie Run: Kingdom.

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Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list – A Tier

Cookies Rarity Position Type
Almond Cookie Epic Rear Support
Affogato Cookie Epic Middle Bomber
Black Raisin Cookie Epic Middle Ambush
Black Pearl Cookie Legendary Middle Ambush
Captain Caviar Cookie Epic Middle Bomber
Candy Diver Cookie Epic Rear Support
Caramel Arrow Cookie Epic Front Ranged
Chili Pepper Cookie Epic Middle Ambush
Clotted Cream Cookie Super Epic Middle Magic
Cocoa Cookie Epic Front Defense
Cotton Cookie Epic Rear Support
Cream Unicorn Cookie Epic Rear Healing
Crunchy Chip Cookie Epic Front Charge
Dark Cacao Cookie Ancient Front Charge
Financier Cookie Epic Front Defense
Frost Queen Cookie Legendary Middle Magic
Golden Cheese Cookie Ancient Rear Ranged
Hollyberry Cookie Ancient Front Defense
Ninja Cookie Common Middle Ambush
Oyster Cookie Super Epic Support Rear
Parfait Cookie Epic Rear Support
Pastry Cookie Epic Rear Ranged
Pure Vanilla Cookie Ancient Rear Healing
Sea Fairy Cookie Legendary Middle Bomber
Snow Sugar Cookie Epic Middle Magic
Sonic Cookie Special Middle Ambush
Tails Cookie Special Middle Ambush
Vampire Cookie Epic Rear Ambush
White Lily Cookie Ancient Rear Support

Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list – B Tier

Cookies Rarity Position Type
Adventurer Cookie Rare Middle Ambush
Alchemist Cookie Rare Middle Bomber
Carrot Cookie Rare Middle Support
Cherry Cookie Rare Rear Bomber
Dark Choco Cookie Epic Front Charge
Devil Cookie Rare Middle Magic
Kumiho Cookie Epic Front Charge
Latte Cookie Epic Middle Magic
Licorice Cookie Epic Middle Magic
Lilac Cookie Epic Middle Support
Mint Choco Cookie Epic Rear Support
Moon Rabbit Cookie Epic Front Defense
Princess Cookie Rare Front Charge
Sparkling Cookie Epic Rear Healing
Squid Ink Cookie Epic Middle Magic
Werewolf Cookie Epic Front Charge
Wildberry Cookie Epic Front Defense

Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list – C Tier

Cookies Rarity Position Type
Angel Cookie Common Rear Healing
Beet Cookie Common Rear Ranged
Cream Puff Cookie Epic Rear Support
Eclair Cookie Epic Middle Support
Gumball Cookie Rare Rear Bomber
Herb Cookie Epic Rear Healing
Madeleine Cookie Epic Front Defense
Mala Sauce Cookie Epic Front Charge
Mango Cookie Epic Middle Magic
Purple Yam Cookie Epic Front Charge
Raspberry Cookie Epic Front Charge
Red Velvet Cookie Epic Front Charge
Strawberry Cookie Epic Front Defense
Strawberry Crepe Cookie Epic Front Defense
Tea Knight Cookie Epic Front Charge
Twizzly Gummy Cookie Epic Rear Ranged

Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list – D Tier

Cookies Rarity Position Type
Avocado Cookie Rare Front Defense
Blackberry Cookie Rare Rear Magic
Clover Cookie Rare Rear Support
Custard Cookie III Rare Rear Healing
Espresso Cookie Epic Middle Magic
Fig Cookie Epic Middle Support
GingerBrave Common Front Charge
Knight Cookie Rare Front Defense
Milk Cookie Epic Front Defense
Muscle Cookie Common Front Charge
Onion Cookie Rare Middle Support
Pancake Cookie Rare Rear Ambush
Poison Mushroom Cookie Epic Middle Bomber
Pomegranate Cookie Epic Rear Support
Pumpkin Pie Cookie Epic Middle Magic
Rye Cookie Epic Rear Ranged
Sorbet Shark Cookie Epic Middle Ambush
Tiger Lily Cookie Epic Rear Ranged
Wizard Cookie Common Middle Magic

Considering the game’s gacha mechanics, it can be quite time-consuming to unlock multiple high-tier cookies by completing in-game tasks.

We’d recommend planning your upgrades ahead of time before investing in high-rated and Epic cookies.

Screenshot of legendary characters in cookie run: kingdomDevsisters Corporation
Make sure to pick the highest-rated characters for your team in Cookie Run.

Best team and characters in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Deciding which characters are best to use in Cookie Run: Kingdom can be overwhelming at first. With over 70 unique characters to choose from, even the tiniest bit of reconsideration can alter the entire experience.

With that being said, there are some primary factors to take into account when deciding who to take with you into your next match in Cookie Run: Kingdom. These include:

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  • Rarity level
  • Positioning preference
  • Cookie type

Some of the strongest characters in the game are the ones belonging to the list of Legendary and Ancient cookies. However, unlocking overpowered cookies like Hollyberry, White Lily, or Sea Fairy can be extremely difficult to accomplish.

Therefore, players are highly recommended to invest in upgrades for Epic-rated cookies such as Almond, Pastry, Snow Sugar, Werewolf, Vampire, Herb, Eclair, Cotton, or even Cocoa cookies instead of trying to save up unrealistic amounts of resources for one of the strongest cookies in the game.

So, there you have it – everything you need to know about Cookie Run: Kingdom characters tier list for November 2022.

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