FFXIV Endwalker: How to get Vinegaroon mount in patch 6.1

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Final Fantasy XIV is filled to bursting with awesome-looking mounts, and FFXIV patch 6.1 has added even more – including the fearsome Vinegaroon – to the fray. Here’s how to grab one for yourself.

In the wake of FFXIV’s highly anticipated content patch, 6.1, avid Final Fantasy XIV enthusiasts can splash the cash on a collection of new rideable mounts.

If you’ve already secured the highly coveted Black Pegasus and Eureka’s Demi-Ozma cosmetics, you may be looking to add some of 6.1’s new creatures to your in-game menagerie.

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Enter the Vinegaroon, Eorzea’s equivalent of the classic T-Rex (but much more ferocious, of course). Finally available in mount form, here’s how to get your own Vinegaroon in FFXIV.


final fantasy xiv ffxiv vinegaroon dinosaur stands in caveSquare Enix
The Vinegaroon is a pretty nasty-looking beast; making it the perfect mount!

How to unlock FFXIV Endwalker Hunts

While on the surface getting your very own Vinegaroon appears pretty simple, there are a few prerequisites you’ll need to complete in order to tame this volatile creature.

The Vinegaroon is only obtainable by doing Endwalker hunts, but in order to unlock these you’ll need to complete a series of different quests in A Realm Reborn and Heavensward respectively.

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In order to participate in Endwalker hunts:

  1. Get to Level 50 and obtain Second Lieutenant with your Grand Company (Immortal Flames, Maelstrom, or Twin Adder)
  2. Undertake the Grand Company quest series ‘Let the Hunt Begin
  3. Once these are complete, you’ll need to reach Level 53
  4. Speak to Aytienne at Cloud Nine and accept the ‘Let the Clan Hunt Begin‘ questline
    • The closest Atheryte is The Forgotten Knight
  5. Complete the last quest, ‘Elite and Dangerous‘ at Level 60 to unlock the Endwalker hunts
final fantasy xiv grand company hunt boardSquare Enix
Hunt boards can be found in your Grand Company’s base.

How to get Vinegaroon mount in FFXIV patch 6.1

The Vinegaroon mount can only be obtained using Sacks of Nuts, a currency obtained by completing Hunts and killing Elite Marks. You’ll need 3,200 to purchase the Vinegaroon Horn, so get ready to grind.

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As we mentioned previously, you’ll need to have unlocked Endwalker’s hunts in order to claim your prize, so if you haven’t follow the outline above to ensure you don’t waste your time

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If you’ve done all of that already, here’s how to get the Vinegaroon mount in FFXIV:

  1. Speak to the Diminutive Gleaner at The Nymphaeum in Old Sharlyan
    • The closest Aetheryte is The Rostra
  2. Obtain ‘The Hunt for Specimens‘ quest
  3. Head to the Scholar’s Harbor aetheryte
  4. Speak to Northola
  5. You will unlock Junior Guildship Mark Bills and the ability to undertake Guildship Hunts

From here, simply slay enough beasts to score 3,200 Sacks of Nuts, then exchange them with J’lakshai (whose store is located right next to the Guildship Hunts board) to earn your prize.

Interact with the horn in your Inventory to summon your very own Vinegaroon and add it to your mount collection.

So that’s how to get the Vinegaroon mount in FFXIV. Looking to etch yourself into Eorzea’s extensive history books? Be sure to check out our other Final Fantasy XIV guides:

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