FIFA 22 Pre-Season: How to get FIFA 23 Ultimate Team rewards

Nathan Warby
FIFA 22 Pre-Season promo

FIFA 22 Pre-Season is the last promo of the year before FIFA 23 releases. Here’s everything you need to know about the event and how you can get your FUT 23 season off to the perfect start.

After almost a full year of opening packs and grinding FUT Champs, we’ve finally reached the last promo in FIFA 22. After FUTTIES came along to celebrate the best of the past season, attention is now turning to what comes next.

With FIFA 23 set to drop very soon, EA is offering players the chance to get the upper hand before the game is even out. FIFA 22 Pre-Season lets fans start their FIFA 23 Ultimate Team journey by earning rewards that will give them a headstart when September 30 rolls around.

Here’s everything you need to know about FIFA 22 Pre-Season, and how you can earn FIFA 23 rewards.


FIFA 22 Pre-Season start date

An in-game loading screen revealed that FIFA 22 Pre-Season would get underway on August 19, 2022. At 6 PM BST / 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET, FUTTIES cards were supposed to be removed from packs and Pre-Season would take over.

The start time was, however, delayed by EA on August 19. They said: “Due to unforeseen issues, we have had to delay the launch of the Pre-Season Campaign. This thread will be updated when more information is available.”

Shortly after, the event began as planned and players could begin their FIFA 23 journey.

EA hasn’t yet confirmed how long the promo will run for, but as the last of FIFA 22, we’d expect it to be active right up to the release of FIFA 23 at the end of September.

FIFA 22 Pre-Season explained

If FIFA 22 Pre-Season follows the same format as previous years, then players can expect a number of the best cards from throughout the season to return. The loading screen teasing the event showed off some SBC-only cards, so it’s likely we’ll see the top Showdown or Player Moments SBCs make their return as well.

However, the main draw of the promo is the opportunity to earn rewards that will be waiting for you when you boot up FIFA 23 Ultimate Team for the first time. On top of packs that can be opened right away, Pre-Season is littered with ways of unlocking items that transfer over to the new game ready for day one.

These rewards can be earned by completing SBCs and objectives throughout the Pre-Season event, although we’ll have to wait until the promo goes live to see how easy or difficult the challenges are.

FIFA 23 Jack Grealish striking ball
FIFA 22 Pre-Season is the last promo before FIFA 23 hits shelves.

FIFA 22 Pre-Season: FIFA 23 rewards

FIFA 22 Pre-Season gives FUT fans the chance to unlock a handful of useful items ready for FIFA 23. In the name of fairness, these aren’t going to be incredibly special cards that would break the meta before the game even launches, but they are essential items that make the early weeks of Ultimate Team easier.

Here are the FIFA 23 rewards that will be available during FIFA 22 Pre-Season:

  • Chemistry styles
  • Coin boosts
  • Gold players
  • Kits
  • Loan items
  • Position modifiers

We’ll be keeping this page up to date with all details as soon as FIFA 22 Pre-Season kicks off, so be sure to check back for the latest information.

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