EA FC 24 Season 6: How to make progress, rewards, more

Chris Studley
Jarred Bowen in EA FC 24

Season 6 of EA FC 24 brings with it new TOTS cards, as well as a 93 OVR Ultimate Birthday Icon in Brazilian legend Carlos Alberto.

The sixth season of EA FC 24 Football Ultimate Team went live on April 25. And given that Team of the Season is on the horizon, it shouldn’t shock many that this season will run in concurrence with the promo.

FUT players will be able to acquire several TOTS cards from Season 6, including Jarrod Bowen, and an Ultimate Birthday icon.

With that said, here’s a look at the new season.

Season 6 rewards

Here’s a look at the rewards that can be earned in Season 6 of EA FC 24:

1Player Pick (1 of 3 80+ Rare Gold Players)1,000
2Stadium Badge2,000
380+ x2 Rare Gold Players Pack3,000
4Premium Gold Pack4,000
5XL Tifo5,000
681+ x2 Rare Gold Players Pack6,000
882+ x2 Rare Gold Players Pack8,000
1090 OVR TOTS Live Jordan Teze10,000
1183+ Rare Gold Player Pack11,000
12XL Tifo12,000
1383+ x2 Rare Gold Players Pack13,000
1591 OVR TOTS Jarrod Bowen15,000
1783+ x5 Rare Gold Players Pack17,000
18XL Tifo18,000
1984+ Rare Gold Player Back19,000
2092 OVR TOTS Moments Kobbie Mainoo20,000
21Stadium Theme21,000
2284+ x2 Rare Gold Players Pack22,000
2484+ x2 Rare Gold Players Pack24,000
2586 x3 Rare Gold Players Pack/87+ x2 Rare Gold Players Pack25,000
2785+ x2 Rare Gold Players Pack27,000
28XL Tifo28,000
29Player Pick (1 of 4 85+ Rare Gold Players)29,000
3085+ x7/87+ x4 Players Pack30,000
3184+ x5 Rare Gold Players Pack31,000
3385+ x10 Rare Gold Players Pack33,000
34VIP Area34,000
3583+ x5 Rare Gold Players Pack35,000
3684+ x10 Rare Players Pick36,000
37Animated Tifo37,000
3887+ x5 Players Pack38,000
3988+ x3 Players Pack39,000
4085+ x20 Players Pack/93 OVR Ultimate Birthday Carlos Alberto40,000

Rewards are untradeable. Here’s a look at the cards that can be obtained:

Jordan Teze

TOTS Live Jordan Teze

Jarrod Bowen

TOTS Jarrod Bowen

Kobbie Mainoo

TOTS Moments Mainoo

Carlos Alberto

Ultimate Birthday Carlos Alberto

We should note that at Level 40, players can choose from one of two different versions of Carlos Alberto. One has 5-Star Skill Moves, while the other has 5-Star Weak Foot.

How to make progress

FUT players need XP in order to make progress in Season 6 of EA FC 24. XP can be earned through Objectives, including but not limited to Daily and Weekly challenges.

Which rewards should you choose?

Unless one is really hurting for lower-overall SBC fodder, taking the higher overall packs is the right move.

Even though it’s later in the game’s lifecycle and most of the cards received in the packs will likely be close to the minimum, those cards can still be useful for Squad Building Challenges.

And at Level 40, take the guaranteed 93 OVR Icon.

This season will end on June 6.

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