Mike Tyson will “kill” Logan Paul warns former heavyweight boxing champ

Mike Tyson vs Logan Paul killedInstagram/MikeTyson/Amanda Westcott for SHOWTIME

Former boxing heavyweight champion and friend of Mike Tyson, Tim Witherspoon, warned that Logan Paul would die if he faced off against Iron Mike.

Influencer turned boxing sensation Logan Paul, along with his brother Jake, have taken the boxing world by storm, duking it out with many of combat sports’ biggest names including Floyd Mayweather and Tyron Woodley.

As Jake Paul readies for his fight against Tommy Fury, rumors have been swirling that Logan would be facing off against Mike Tyson in February.

So far, many big names including Joe Rogan and former UFC champion Michael Bisping have voiced concerns for Logan if he were to battle Tyson, but none are as worrisome as Tim Witherspoon’s.

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Logan Paul embraces Jake after beating Tyron WoodleyInstagram/Loganpaul/Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME
Jake and Logan Paul have taken the boxing world by storm.

Witherspoon puts Jake & Logan Paul on blast ahead of Tyson fight

Speaking with Sun Sport, the former boxing champ explained how he feels the Paul brothers have been conning people, and aren’t as good as people think they are.

“You know what, there is nobody who is in the top ten current ranking that these brothers are fighting, those brothers know what they’re doing they’re trying to get top guys on TV who are no longer in their peak or non-boxers,” he said.

While Logan did go the distance against Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition bout, ‘Money’ has since revealed that he only had minimum preparation and didn’t take it seriously, saying that if he tried, he would have finished Paul in one round.

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Mike Tyson fights Logan PaulInstagram/Miketyson/loganpaul
Could Mike Tyson really “kill” Logan Paul if they fought?

“But [the] majority of the people know that they’re not going to win against a top ten ranked real boxer. Mike Tyson will kill him,” he added. “He’s not going to be able to do anything to Mike. Mike’s going to kill him. Mike might not even hurt him; Mike might get in there and play with him. So it’s not real serious stuff. And the commission allowed this stuff.”

Furthermore, the former champ hit out at the brothers for “conning” the community, claiming there was no way they could beat top fighters in a real match.

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“So, they’re misleading a lot of the boxing community, they’re not real boxers,” he blasted.

As of this posting, a fight between The Maverick and Iron Mike has yet to be confirmed, but the speculation has continued to mount. It will be interesting to see what the future holds and if all these comments doubting the Paul brothers legitimacy result in the fight being a non-exhibition.