UFC legend explains why Mike Tyson will “flatline” Logan Paul in boxing match

Michael Bisping predicts Mike Tyson will KO Logan PaulYouTube/Michael Bisping/Instagram/miketyson/loganpaul

With reports claiming that boxing icon Mike Tyson could face off against YouTuber-turned-fighter Logan Paul, UFC legend Michael Bisping explained why Iron Mike will annihilate The Maverick.

Logan Paul’s boxing career hasn’t been as glorious as younger brother Jake’s 4-0 start thus far. Of his three matches, he lost to KSI, and his bout with Floyd Mayweather had no winner declared.

Now, it’s looking like he’ll be facing off against another one of boxing’s GOATs in the form of Mike Tyson – and while the fight could be a must-watch, some believe Logan is biting off more than he can chew. And we’re not talking about ears.

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According to UFC star Michael Bisping, Logan Paul could be in for a world of pain if he steps into the ring with Tyson.

Michael Bisping warns Logan Paul about fighting Mike Tyson

In a YouTube video, the UFC commentator stressed how he respects both Logan and Jake for what they’ve done for boxing in recent years, but noted that fighting Tyson could be very dangerous.

Bisping says that even in Tyson’s last exhibition match against Roy Jones JR, he still looked great and still packs a punch.

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“I have concerns about Logan Paul. I think Logan Paul might get knocked the f**k out in this!” he exclaimed. “In exhibition bouts you’re not supposed to go for the knockout, but do you really see any world that you can imagine where Mike Tyson isn’t going to try and knock out Logan Paul?”

Logan Paul KO rumors Floyd MayweatherAmanda Westcott for SHOWTIME
Logan Paul went the distance against Floyd Mayweather.

UFC icon predicts Mike Tyson will send Logan Paul to the hospital

The UFC legend added that during Logan Paul’s exhibition fight against Floyd Mayweather, he looked tired after just three rounds… and that could be a bad thing in a contest against Tyson, who won’t let the match go to a decision.

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“Logan is tall, you know? He’s long. He’s kinda a big guy. He’s athletic. He’s got a great physique. Jake Paul is by far the better boxer I would say,” Bisping added. “If I had to pick who was better, then I’d say Jake Paul’s way better. Logan, he has some skills. He can certainly punch and as I say, he’s big and he’s athletic and he’ll learn from the fight against Floyd and maybe he’ll learn to magic his gas tank a bit better.”

That said, Bisping still thinks Tyson is not a man to be messed with. “I don’t see Mike Tyson going out there and absolutely flatlining him,” he explained. “He’ll find the mark at some point. Logan probably has a speed advantage, maybe because Tyson’s 55. But the power Tyson possesses is almost second to none.”

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Mike Tyson talking on the JRE PodcastYouTube/Joe Rogan Experience
Mike Tyson still packs a huge punch.

To end the video, Bisping predicted that a fight between the two will end with Mike knocking Logan Paul unconscious after getting him in the corner and will end up sending the YouTuber to the hospital.

We’ll have to wait and see if his prediction comes true, but one thing is for sure: Even if someone is KO’d, they’d both be big winners with how much money the bout will make.

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