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Tommy Fury camp eyeing Logan Paul fight if he takes down Jake

Published: 20/Nov/2021 14:51

by Joe Craven


John Fury, father of legendary fighter Tyson Fury and the up-and-coming Tommy Fury, has said that Tommy could move on to fight Logan Paul if he beats Jake on December 18.

YouTube boxing’s spiral into a major spectator sport may have been unexpected when it started way back in 2018 as a way for Joe Weller and KSI to settle their differences.

However, multi-million dollar fights now see content creators battle it out in the ring in front of millions of viewers. The latest round of YouTube fights saw Logan Paul fight Floyd Mayweather, while younger brother Jake came out on top against ex-MMA star Tyron Woodley.


Mike Tyson has even thrown his hat into the ring as a future participant but, for now, all eyes are on Jake Paul’s upcoming bout with Tommy Fury, a British professional boxer and younger brother of world heavyweight champion Tyson.

Logan Paul/Instagram
Jake and Logan have been at the center of YouTube’s boxing renaissance.

The two will duke it out on December 18 but John Fury, former pro-boxer and father of Tyson and Tommy, is already envisaging a fight with Logan.

Speaking in an interview with Rob Moore, Fury said: “If he’s on his game, Tommy, and he’s firing on all four cylinders. Easy night’s work, easy money, the winner goes on to bigger and better things. We’ll get the brother out the game as well, then we’ll start looking at conventional titles for him.”


Essentially, should Tommy Fury get past Jake Paul, a fight with Logan will be the next logical step. After that, it’ll be back to the ‘conventional’ world of boxing for the young fighter.

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The senior Fury finished: “A brother is gonna wanna redeem another brother, isn’t he? When he knocks Jake Paul out, the brother’s gonna wanna take his part ain’t he. But I don’t think so because the hiding Tommy’s gonna give Jake Paul, the other brother won’t be interested either.”

While Tommy is favorite with most bookies, Jake has certainly defied the odds in previous fights. KSI, former opponent of Logan, suggested that Jake’s ability to handle the bigger occasion will see him through. Only time will tell.