Logan Paul admits he’s considering Mike Tyson fight after “absurd” predictions

Logan Paul wants to fight Mike TysonYouTube/imPaulsive/Instagram/miketyson

Influencer-turned-boxing sensation Logan Paul admitted that he has negotiated to fight Mike Tyson, and revealed the only reason why he’s willing to set foot in the ring against Iron Mike.

A potential boxing bout between The Maverick and Mike Tyson has been rumored for awhile, and was even seemingly booked according to some reports. While neither party has confirmed a fight will definitely happen, Logan seems more willing now than ever.

In the past, Logan Paul has explained that his biggest issue with fighting the former boxing champion stems from the fact he’s on the older side and no longer in his prime. Basically, he didn’t want the stigma of beating up an old man… even if that man happens to be a professional boxing legend.

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Now, Logan seems to have overcome those concerns, and revealed why he doesn’t just want to box Mike – he wants to beat him.

Mike Tyson fights Logan PaulInstagram/Miketyson/loganpaul
A fight between Logan Paul and Mike Tyson is becoming very likely.

Logan Paul calls Mike Tyson KO predictions “offensive”

Speaking with Seconds Out, Logan Paul said that a fight with Mike Tyson was discussed and there is a lot of truth to the rumors.

“It’s been kind of possible for a little bit,” he said. “Then the rumors started circulating and we didn’t say anything. And then it got confirmed. And then I was reading the tweets and social commentary and everyone was saying ‘Mike Tyson will f**king kill Logan Paul.’ So, a fight that I originally hadn’t considered people don’t think I’d win.”

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Logan Paul called the predictions “offensive” and explained how he was upset with people doubting his ability. One such prediction came from former UFC champ Michael Bisping, who said Tyson would “flatline” Logan.


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“I’m kinda considering it just to shut people the f**k up. I find it absurd people don’t think I’ll beat Mike Tyson,” he added.

When pressed, Logan said he was “positive” he would win and prove his doubters wrong.

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Seeing as The Maverick is more motivated than ever, it seems like a potential fight could definitely be in the cards. Now, it is just a matter of waiting for confirmation from either party. Tick tock.

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