Who is on Winter Love Island 2023? All contestants so far

Jessica Filby
Love island 2023ITV

Love Island UK is back for its 2023 winter series in South Africa, with a group of contestants looking to find love and win the prize money of £50,000. Here are all the Islanders who have entered the villa so far, including the 12 Casa Amor bombshells.

The premise of the wildly popular reality show Love Island is simple; find a partner, or risk being dumped from the villa, thus losing the chance to win their share of £50,000. It’s filled with twists, turns, betrayals, and some adorable couples, as well as plenty of hilarious moments.

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So, with the winter version of Love Island UK in full swing, here are all the Islanders that have entered the Love Island villa so far.


All Love Island Contestants 2023

While there were only ten contestants that were originally announced, new cast members will be added to the show as the days go on. Here is everyone that has entered the villa so far:

Olivia Hawkins

Love Island's OliviaITV / Instagram: loveisland

Olivia Hawkins is a 27-year-old actress and ring girl, previously having been a ring girl for the likes of KSI, and has acted in films like James Bond, as well as being a body double for Michelle Keegan and Emma Watson.

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Tanya Manhenga

Love Island's TanyaITV / Instagram: loveisland

Tanya Manhenga is both a 22-year-old biomedical science student and a Boohoo model. She stated she has Vitiligo, a skin pigmentation, and doesn’t care about covering it up all the time, stating “I think it’s a vibe.”

Ron Hall

Love Island's RonITV / Instagram: loveisland

Ron Hall is the show’s first partially sighted contestant after being blinded in one eye as a result of a football injury when he was eight years old. The now 25-year-old is a financial advisor looking for love in the villa.

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Kai Fagan

Love Island's KaiITV / Instagram: loveisland

Kai Fagan is a 24-year-old Science and PE teacher located in Manchester UK. He also plays semi-professional rugby after competing in rugby 7s for Jamaica while living there for most of his life.

Lana Jenkins

Love Island's LanaITV / Instagram: loveisland

Lana Jenkins is a 25-year-old from Luton, UK. She works as a makeup artist and describes her time working with and on multiple celebrities during her career.

Anna-May Robey

Love Island's Anna-MayITV / Instagram: loveisland

Anna-May Robey is currently the youngest contestant in the villa during Love Island 2023, at only 20 years old. She works as a Payroll assistant and tells the tale of a man falling asleep during a first date in her interview.

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Will Young

Love Island's WillITV / Instagram: loveisland

Will Young is a 23-year-old man from Buckinghamshire who works full-time as a farmer on his family’s land. He speaks of meditating, finding love, and stepping away from the busy life of the farm as he heads into Love Island 2023.

Tanyel Revan

Love Island's TanyelITV / Instagram: loveisland

Tanyel Revan is a Hair Stylist from North London. She’s 26 years old, making her one of the oldest contestants in Love Island 2023. She explores her love for men who can dance, stating she’ll fall “in love with him straight away.”

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Shaq Muhammad

Love Island's ShaqITV / Instagram: loveisland

Shaq Muhammad is another contestant from London and works as a Security Officer in an Airport. He’s 24 years old and claims to be a very emotional person who’s taken to the Villa to find love.

Haris Namani

Love Island's HarisITV / Instagram: loveisland

As the youngest male contestant in the Villa as of the beginning of Love Island, Haris Namani is a 20-year-old TV salesman who claims he’s never been in love. He’s come to the villa to learn what that is and find the right girl for him.

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Tom Clare

Love Island's TomITV / Instagram: loveisland

23-year-old Tom Clare is a semi-pro footballer from Barnsley, who was the first bombshell contestant to enter the show. He describes himself as “a good laugh” and “a good vibe.”

Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown

Love Island's ZaraITV / Instagram: loveisland

Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown is a 25-year-old model, property developer, and aspiring artist from London. Zara explained that friends and family back home call her Queen Z because, as she explained on the show: “I think I’m larger than life, and I know how to get attention when I walk in a room.”

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David Salako

Love Island's DavidITV / Instagram: loveisland

David Salako is a 24-year-old money adviser from Essex. David says, “I’m very smooth with my words, and I’ve got the looks to match it up.” He went on to say in his intro: “I’m definitely ready for the competition. When you’re up against me, there’s no match. I’m a born winner.”

Aaron Waters

Love Island AaronITV / Instagram: loveisland

Aaron Waters is 25 years old and is a content creator and model from Melbourne. He originally took part in Love Island Australia season 3, and has joined the UK show to continue his search for love. After entering the new villa, Aaron explained: “I’m looking for something that I can actually build on, I don’t want a fling, I don’t want a situationship, I don’t want something that sparks and then dies away.”

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Jessie Wynter

Love Island JessieITV / Instagram: loveisland

Jessie Wynter is a 26-year-old from Tasmania, who lives in Sydney working as an influencer and personal trainer. Jessie was also on Love Island Australia, taking part in the second series. After her entrance to the new series, Jessie explained: “I am a little bit of a kind of wild child, in a good way, but I like someone to be like, ‘Calm down.'”

Ellie Spence

Love Island's EllieITV / Instagram: loveisland

Ellie Spence is a 25-year-old business development executive from Norwich. “I would describe myself as fun, flirty, a little bit unpredictable. I’m the whole package,” she told viewers in her introduction clip. “I’m coming for all of the boys in the villa, watch out, girls.”

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Spencer Wilks

Love Island's SpencerITV / Instagram: loveisland

Spencer Wilks is a 24-year-old E-Commerce Business Owner from Bournemouth. “People definitely get the wrong impression when they see me. They just think I’m a f**k boy. Or, like, I’m a player. But I don’t think I am,” he told viewers.

Samie Elishi

Love Island's SamieITV / Instagram: loveisland

Samie is a 22-year-old Senior Estate Agent Coordinator from London. “I’m a really honest person and I have no filter,” she told viewers about what she hopes to bring to the villa. “I won’t take rubbish from anyone, especially when it comes to guys!”

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Casey O’Gorman

Love Island's CaseyITV / Instagram: loveisland

Casey O’Gorman is a 26-year-old recruitment consultant from Tring. “What I’m bringing is blue eyes, a cheeky smile, and a lot better chat than the other lads,” he said in his intro. “I’ve definitely got my eye on a couple of girls in the villa.”

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Jordan Odofin

Love Island's JordanITV / Instagram: loveisland

Jordan Odofin is a 28-year-old senior HR advisor from London. “My best feature would be my height because I’m 6’5″. It just makes me stand out,” he said in his first episode. “I think the other boys in the villa should be worried about me, because everyone’s up for grabs. No one’s safe.

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Claudia Fogarty

Love Island's ClaudiaITV / Instagram: loveisland

Claudia Fogarty is a 28-year-old fashion brand owner from Blackburn. After her shock entrance at the end of the heart rate challenge, Claudia told some of the other islanders: “I’m getting older now, I’m definitely ready to settle. I’ve had the d*ckheads, the bad boys, I’m just ready for like, a genuine lovely guy now.”

Rosie Seabrook

Love Island's RosieITV / Instagram: loveisland

Rosie Seabrook is a 24-year-old Industry Placement Advisor from Buckinghamshire. She said: “I’ve got a very flirty personality, I flirt with people when I don’t even mean to. I’m confident and witty which always makes for good conversation when I’m speaking with a guy.”

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Keanan Brand

Love Island's KeananITV / Instagram: loveisland

Keanan Brand is a 24-year-old Professional Rugby Player from Wigan. He described himself as “Energetic, caring and happy go lucky,” and added: “I’ve got the gift of the gab so I will definitely bring some fun, I want to go in, have a great time and find love!”

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Sanam Harrinanan

Love Island's SanamITV / Instagram: loveisland

Sanam Harrinanan is a 24-year-old social worker from Bedford. She says: “I’m laid-back and fun, but if there’s ‘that person’ then I mean business!” Speaking about who she’s drawn to in the villa, she said that “Kai is my number one. Job-wise, I think that we’d connect a lot and I think he’s cute!”

Cynthia Otseh-Taiwo

Love Island's CynthiaITV / Instagram: loveisland

Cynthia Otseh-Taiwo is a 25-year-old Dental Receptionist and Baker from North London. She explained: “I’ll be a girls’ girl, but only to the girls that are my girls. If I have a connection with someone, I can’t stop that connection just because of what’s gone on, because that wouldn’t be fair to myself.”

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Lydia Karakyriakou

Love Island's LydiaITV / Instagram: loveisland

Lydia Karakyriakou is a 22-year-old Retail Customer Assistant from Glasgow. Speaking about the kind of guy she’s interested in, Lydia explained: “I’m looking for someone to bounce off, and someone who is able to support and care for me. Humour is a big thing, too so I’m looking for someone who’s not too serious and can have a laugh.”

Lynda Flix

Love Island's LyndaITV / Instagram: loveisland

Lynda Flix is a 22-year-old Healthcare Assistant and Singer from Salford, Manchester. Speaking about her personality, she said: “I’ll be fun, energetic, confident, and not afraid to speak my mind or express myself.”

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Sammy James

Love Island's SammyITV / Instagram: loveisland

Sammy James is a 27-year-old Beauty Buyer from Leicester, but she currently lives in Dubai. “I need someone to know exactly where he’s going in life, so they’re not intimidated by me,” she said. “I’m a go-getter. I’m also looking for someone with a big heart, someone that adores his family, and someone who’s a little bit silly.”

Layla Al-Momani

Love Island's LaylaITV / Instagram: loveisland

Layla Al-Momani is a 28-year-old Brand Managing Director from Kingston. “I think that I’ll be a standout Islander,” she said. “Regardless of being amongst a group of girls, I’ll prove that I stand out. I like to find out lots about people, so I’ll definitely be the one to ask the weird questions.”

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Martin Akinola

Love Island's MartinITV / Instagram: loveisland

Martin Akinola is a 27-year-old Senior Software Engineer from Dublin. “I’m excited to go in, cause some confusion, some little problems. It’s a 50/50 chance – win or lose – but I’m a winner,” Martin said ahead of his entrance to the program.

Ryan Weekley

Love Island's RyanITV / Instagram: loveisland

Ryan Weekley is a 22-year-old Steel Erector from Nottingham. Ryan explained: “I like to play it cool, I’ll let a girl know if I’m interested but I’d never put pressure on anything. I do like eye contact, Tom’s been doing it a fair bit in there and the girls seem to like it.”

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Frankie Davey

Love Island's FrankieITV / Instagram: loveisland

Frankie Davey is a 22-year-old Pro-Boxer from Ipswitch. Frankie says he’s “laid-back,” and adds: “I don’t usually have to do a lot of chasing… so it might be a little bit of a switch up in the villa. I’m aware that I might have to take the boxing gloves off and get the grafting gloves on.”

Maxwell Samuda

Love Island's MaxwellITV / Instagram: loveisland

Maxwell Samuda is a 23-year-old Finance Student and Restaurant Host from London. Ahead of his entrance to the villa, Maxwell said: “I’ll definitely speak my mind, I won’t be afraid to go after what I want or tell it as it is.”

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Bayley Mummery

Love Island's BayleyITV / Instagram: loveisland

Bayley Mummery is a 25-year-old Operations Manager from Surrey. Bayley explained: “I’ll be very open, I’m not afraid to talk about my feelings and give others advice if they need it. I’m also in there for myself, so I’m going to have to put myself first when it comes to the girls. If I tread on a few toes, so be it.”

Kain Reed

Love Island's KainITV / Instagram: loveisland

Kain Reed is a 21-year-old Energy Consultant from Gateshead, Newcastle. He says: “I’m fun, charismatic, and energetic. 90% of me is going in there for the girls, but I’d love to have a bit of lad banter while I’m in there as well.”

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Who has been dumped from Love Island?

If you want to find out which Love Island contestants have been eliminated from the villa so far this series, you can check out our round-up here.

When is winter Love Island UK 2023?

The Winter version of Love Island UK started on January 16 and is located in South Africa.

The show airs every day except for Saturdays around 9pm GMT on ITV2, and finishes around 10pm GMT. You watch the show on catch-up on ITVX. It will last for eight weeks, meaning we can predict that the show will end sometime in March.

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If you want to know more about the new series of Love Island UK, we have everything you need to know:

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