YouTuber Steph0Sims recreates Love Island villa in The Sims 4

steph0sims the sims 4Steph0Sims/EA

YouTube star Steph0Sims went viral after recreating the new villa from the hit reality show Love Island in The Sims 4 with painstaking detail.

Love Island is one of the biggest reality television shows of all time currently and is currently in its eighth season.

To celebrate the launch of season eight, Love Island premiered a massive new villa for contestants to live in located in beautiful Mallorca, Spain.

Now, one The Sims content creator has revealed their recreation of the new villa in the game, and it looks identical to the real villa.

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The sims 4EA/Steph0Sims
Steph0Sims made the Love Island villa in The Sims 4, and it’s quite impressive.

YouTuber remakes Love Island villa in Sims 4

Steph0Sims, a YouTuber who makes The Sims 4 content with over 600k subscribers, went viral after sharing the Love Island villa they made in-game.

According to Steph, it took her 15 hours to remake the villa. Her recreation sports everything from the iconic location; including bedroom wall art, the famous rectangle-shaped pool, and a fire pit for late-night hangs.

Steph talked about the similarities between The Sims and reality television, “Playing The Sims, especially when you let them go wild and do their own thing, literally feels like watching a reality TV show play out right before your eyes. You never know what they’re going to do next and that’s the fun of watching reality TV.”

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The YouTuber also opened up about which Love Islander from season eight she’d be most excited to see in the villa recreation.

“Watching Ekin-su and literally whatever man she is coupled up with sneak around the villa kissing and try to not get caught by other Sims is the only thing I care about,” she said.

Steph finished with a teaser for future Love Island and The Sims content, “Ekin-su is the main character. Ekin-sim coming soon”.

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