Good Week, Bad Week: James Charles hit by grooming allegations, Dixie D’Amelio launches new talk show

Good Week Bad Week feature with Dixie D'Amelio and James CharlesYouTube: James Charles / Dixie D'Amelio

As always, the past week has been a turbulent one for the influencer world. Creators like James Charles and Dixie D’Amelio have been making waves online—but all for very different reasons.

The online world is constantly changing, and that means many creators find themselves on a permanent rollercoaster while being in the public eye.

Their unique jobs can bring forth some amazing opportunities, but having their whole lives online leaves them open for criticism, and often controversy.

Over the past week, who has found success, and who has ended up in hot water?

Good Week: Dixie D’Amelio unveils new talk show set

As one of TikTok’s biggest stars, Dixie has faced a substantial amount of criticism in the past. But this week certainly turned out to be a good one for the influencer who unveiled her new and improved talk show on YouTube.

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Originally, the Dixie D’Amelio show (also known as the Early Late Night Show) had a very minimalistic production. The series took place in the D’Amelio family home, with just two bright red chairs as the set.

Dixie D'Amelio in her new talk show saetYouTube: Dixie D'Amelio
The new and improved set impressed Dixie’s fans.

Dixie has now taken it up a notch by creating a new set, and the scale is unexpectedly huge. With a professional-looking lighting setup and an elaborate stage, the new show is a huge improvement from the previous set.

The star has announced that upcoming guests include Hailey Bieber, Dave Portnoy, 24kGoldn, and more, proving to be an exciting lineup for fans. The first episode premiered on April 4 on YouTube and will be uploaded every Sunday at 10 AM PST/1 PM EST.

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Bad Week: James Charles slammed for apology video

In March 2020, several teenage boys came forward with allegations that 21-year-old James had messaged them inappropriately when they were 16. The beauty YouTuber has maintained from the beginning that he believed them to be 18, and that when he found out their real age he suspended all contact.

However, as more people came forward, many started to put pressure on the creator to address the claims further. Eventually, on April 4, James uploaded a video to his YouTube channel titled ‘Holding Myself Accountable.’

James CharlesYouTube: James Charles
The beauty influencer claimed finally released a full video addressing the situation.

He said: “There is no excuse for it, I take full responsibility for that… In doing the research myself, both of these people’s social media profiles would have revealed their true ages and these conversations would have never happened in the first place… To the guys involved in the situation, I want to say I’m sorry.”

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James also revealed that the reason he feels the situation happened is that he’s “desperate” to be in a relationship. In the week following, the influencer has been subject to large amounts of criticism online, with many mocking what he said in his apology.

Good Week: Valkyrae becomes 100 Thieves co-owner

Streamer Valkyrae has been having success after success recently, particularly since her role in Corpse Husband and Machine Gun Kelly’s music video for ‘DAYWALKER!’

Now, in what founder Nadeshot called “probably the most important day in 100 Thieves history,” Valkyrae, alongside CouRage, has become a co-owner of the renowned esports organization.

valkyrae courage 100 thieves co-owners100 Thieves
Valkyrae & CouRage become 100 Thieves co-owners

In the announcement video, she explained: “Looking back, I just feel like it’s been such a long journey. And now being, not just a co-owner, but a female co-owner, like how did this even happen! It just feels like everything just played out so unbelievably well.”

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Not only that, but Valkyrae is currently leading as the most-watched female streamer, almost double the views of Pokimane, who’s in second place.

There’s no doubt that the creator is doing incredible things in the streaming scene, and fans are there to cheer her on every step of the way.

Bad Week: Charly Jordan slams Tayler Holder’s reality show

TikTok stars Tayler and Charly Jordan announced that they had broken up in a video released on March 29. Charly made sure to tell viewers that, “we’re still best friends, and it ended really good between us, and I feel like it’s important that everybody knows that.”

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However, after the first episode of Tayler’s reality show House of Creators aired, and portrayed a slightly messier side to the split, Charly uploaded several Instagram stories expressing her frustration with the show.

Charly Jordan and Tayler Holder on InstagramInstagram: charlyjordan
The pair called it off after five months of dating.

“Just because my side of the breakup wasn’t filmed, doesn’t make it less relevant,” she said. “I try to keep details of my relationship offline so please be sensitive to my feelings.” She later added that she thinks they’re using [the breakup drama] as a main selling point” for the show.

However, Tayler then responded to Charly’s claims, saying “She said she wasn’t a part of it, that it’s very one-sided… On countless occasions, we offered her to be a part of the show.”

He added, “I wanted her to be part of the show because she was my girlfriend… But I cannot force her to do anything she does not want to do. Therefore, yes, since she turned it down, it is one-sided.”

The drama was fairly unexpected for fans, but whether the reality show will feature any more details about the breakup remains to be seen.

The past week has been decidedly mixed when it comes to news from the influencer world, and there’s no doubt the next one will bring plenty more drama and success stories.