James Charles faces further accusations of flirting with underage teen

James Charles poses in blue make upInstagram: James Charles

James Charles has been accused of sending flirtatious messages to a 16-year-old boy in a series of revealing videos and screenshots that follow a number of previous allegations in February. 

Beauty YouTuber and social media star James Charles has faced a number of accusations in recent weeks. In February, a 16-year-old fan alleged in a TikTok video that the YouTuber sent nude pictures of himself before “pressuring” the fan to do the same.

Showing screenshots of the alleged exchange in the video, the fan said that “he [Charles] started making the conversation very sexual, and it made me really uncomfortable.”

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The 21-year-old responded afterward with an online statement, calling the accusations “completely false.” He claimed that the fan had initially said they were 18, and said that when he found out the fan was underage, he told the fan he was “really uncomfortable” with the situation and unfriended him.

James Charles YouTube ThumbnailYouTube / James Charles
James Charles has faced a number of accusations in the past few weeks.

Shortly after, two other accusations came to light from other fans who had been conversing with James on Snapchat. One 17-year-old claimed that he’d been upfront with age towards James, but the YouTuber had continued to flirt with him.

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Another person claimed that James had messaged him using words such as  “daddy” and “babe” despite previously telling the claiming that he wasn’t looking for anything other than friendship.

In a TikTok by user @jakecherryy, a video compiling screenshots from Snapchat shows him conversing with James Charles and sending pictures back and forth. Several images show James describing Jake as “cute.”

Following screenshots posted by Jake appear to show that James was angry he had posted messages between them to his private Snapchat story and then accused him of lying about his age, which Jake denies.

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Meanwhile, YouTube has confirmed James Charles will not return to host Instant Influencer for season 2, amidst the grooming allegations.

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