Charly Jordan threatens to quit social media over Tayler Holder relationship leak

Charly Jordan threatens to quit social mediaYouTube: Charly Jordan

After what was initially portrayed as an amicable split from her ex Tayler Holder, social media star Charly Jordan has now threatened to leave her internet following due to the messy reality of the breakup.

Having been together for just over five months, Jordan and Holder shocked fans on March 29 by announcing the end of their relationship.

While the split was initially mutual, as the pair explained they were “still best friends,” that no longer appears to be true. The first episode of Holder’s new Instagram reality show ‘House of Creators’ revealed a messier side to the breakup from his perspective.

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Not long after, Jordan took to her Instagram page to explain how the new footage has impacted her.

“Just because my side of the breakup wasn’t filmed, doesn’t make it less relevant,” she said. “I try to keep details of my relationship offline so please be sensitive to my feelings.” 

Moments later she shared a few videos with her 4.4 million followers, crying to the camera and explaining that a break might be necessary. 

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“I’m sure as probably everybody’s seen, some personal and private details of my relationship have now been put online. For my own mental health, I’m not gonna be on here for a little while.”

Despite appearing together in a joint March 30 YouTube video to explain “why [they] broke up,” Jordan stressed that she no longer likes “sharing [her] personal and private life.” As a result of the latest drama, she’s “gonna take a break for a little bit.”

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However, the timeline of that break remains unclear at the time of writing. Jordan will “still be posting” certain content for her fans online, “but not stories or anything,” she explained. “I’ll be back, I just need some time,” she then said in an Instagram story a few hours later.

With millions of followers on Instagram along with more than 350,000 YouTube subscribers, Jordan appears to be stepping away from it all for a brief period.

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There’s no telling when she might go completely dark, nor when she might return after doing so.

Update: April 8

Jordan explained a bit more about what “tipped her over” on Instagram as Holder’s reality show made it a point to give his account of the breakup.

“They can say completely false information about me and I wouldn’t have control over it,” she said. “I’m not the type of person to share personal details of my relationship online like that. I don’t feel like I really owe anybody an explanation because there was nothing that happened between us like bad. And they’re going to beef it up for the show, a lot, and they’re using it as a main selling point.”

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Still, Jordan isn’t letting it hold her down, seeing as her career as a DJ just got a major help with the recent signing of a residency to Las Vegas.

While she understands that she has little to do with what Holder includes in his reality show, she’s still making advances in her life and career.

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