Valkyrae is Corpse Husband in brand new MGK ‘DAYWALKER!’ video

Lauren Bergin
Machine Gun Kelly corpse husband valkyrae daywalker

100 Thieves’ iconic content creator Valkyrae became YouTube sensation Corpse Husband in the new Machine Gun Kelly music video ‘DAYWALKER!,’ and the internet can’t take it.

Unless you live under a rock, it’s hard not to know about Corpse Husband. From Among Us stardom to a music video with Machine Gun Kelly, the YouTuber’s career seems to be on an ever-upward trajectory.

It’s no secret, though, that the mysterious creator has become fast friends with several others in the industry, including streaming star Valkyrae.

Therefore, as soon as she dropped a series of cryptic tweets regarding Corpse’s new music video, fans have been quick to assume that she’s somehow involved.

Valkyrae becomes Corpse in DAYWALKER!

Valkyrae’s been dropping a whole host of interesting tweets over the past few days that have caused fans to assume she’s guesting in Daywalker. But once the video actually dropped, so did the jaws of every fan looknig forward to the mysterious collab.

Because Corpse has been very particular about hiding his face, it was only suitable for Valky to lend her countenance for the project.

Valkyrae realized the dark, complicated vision of Corpse’ popular imagery with all the blood and leather that compliments the genre.

Machine Gun Kelly corpse husband valkyrae daywalker
Valkyrae ran through Corpse’s lines in the DAYWALKER! video, essentially becoming the shrouded streamer.

Valkyrae teasers in lead up to DAYWALKER!

The first hint of the collab was in an Instagram story that announced the Corpse & MGK video would be dropping at 10AM PST on March 18.

Valkyrae teasing involvement in Corpse X MGK Daywalker video

The image went on to include a series of tweets, including one which sees the Twitch icon dressed in a gothic-style leather catsuit simple captioned “soon.”

This was followed up by the promise of a vlog that will be posted “after 10am PST,” which once again hints that she’s somewhat involved in the project.

One Twitter user responded to the tweet asking if the vlog would be feature parts of the “music video,” to which Rae replied with a not-so-subtle “maybe.”

Corpse announces Among Us stream to celebrate DAYWALKER! release

Just after the release of  the DAYWALKER! music video, Corpse Husband tweeted out a long list of big names in the streaming space for what appears to be a massive celebratory Among Us lobby.

Including such broadcasters as Jacksepticeye, LilyPichu and Dream, Corpse Husband is bringing together some of the game’s most popular creators to kick off his musical success. The stream is set to go live at 2 PM PST, so make sure to tune in for what are sure to be some top-tier shenanigans.

The premier of DAYWALKER! has been met with a ton of fanfare in its first moments of going live, and it’s only going to get more viral from here.