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Charly Jordan and Tayler Holder reveal why they ended their relationship

Published: 29/Mar/2021 23:32 Updated: 29/Mar/2021 23:39

by Virginia Glaze


TikTok star Tayler Holder and model Charly Jordan shocked their fanbase in an unexpected video, where they announced that they have officially broken up.

Jordan and Holder are both hugely popular influencers in their own right. Formerly one of the Hype House’s prize TikTokers, Holder boasts over 18 million followers on the platform and 1 million YouTube subscribers.

Jordan is likewise a versatile personality; known for her work as a DJ, model, and social media personality, the-fitfluencer boasts over 4 million Instagram followers and 345,000 YouTube subs.

She and Holder got together around five months ago, with the two revealing their relationship to fans in a humorous Q&A video in October 2020.


However, it doesn’t seem that their relationship was meant to last, as the two uploaded a video on March 29, 2021, explaining that they had parted ways over a month and a half ago.

Holder explained that he wanted to be the first to break the news to his fanbase, claiming that he is in the middle of filming a reality series and didn’t want viewers finding out about their split by watching the show.

The couple also admitted that their split had been mutual, but thankfully, there is no bad blood between them, and the two remain on good terms.



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“We’re still best friends, and it ended really good between us, and I feel like it’s important that everybody knows that,” Charly said. “Things can end in a positive way. It’s not because anything bad happened, it’s just that we’re both living super different lives right now.”

As for whether or not they’ll ever get back together, Holder isn’t putting any limitations on their future — but for now, it seems the two are focused on their individual lives before any talk of reconciliation occurs.

“I think that what’s more important than even being in a relationship and being together is knowing that we love each other and that we’re each other’s best friends, no matter what,” Holder said.


Despite their amicable split, it seems that fans are quite sad about this unexpected turn of events — but thankfully, they’re still able to be friends while pursuing their own projects.