Tayler Holder defends new Instagram reality show amidst Charly Jordan breakup

Tayler Holder and Charly JordanInstagram: CharlyJordan

Tayler Holder has come out to defend his new Instagram reality show after his ex-girlfriend Charly Jordan threatened to quit social media due to their “personal” breakup being made public.

Social media celebs Holder and Jordan continue to go back and forth following their now highly contentious split. While the pair initially spoke up together in a joint YouTube video, Holder’s new reality show on Instagram revealed more than Jordan would have liked.

“I’m not the type of person to share personal details of my relationship online like that,” she said on April 7. Due to how the breakup was portrayed on the new show, Jordan announced that she would be taking an indefinite break from social media.

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Just one day later and Holder has now fired back at her comments online.

Despite being frustrated that her “side of the breakup wasn’t filmed,” she was allegedly “aware of everything going on in the show,” Holder clarified.

Charly Jordan and Tayler HolderInstagram: Charly Jordan
Holder and Jordan dated for roughly five months before calling it off.

“She said she wasn’t a part of it, that it’s very one-sided… On countless occasions we offered her to be a part of the show,” he revealed on April 8. In fact, his former partner was even sent an offer “to be paid to be on the show.” However, “she turned down” offers at every turn, according to Holder.

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“I wanted her to be part of the show because she was my girlfriend… But I cannot force her to do anything she does not want to do. Therefore, yes, since she turned it down, it is one-sided.”

Going against Holder’s claims, Jordan took to Instagram once again to double down on her side of the story. “I was unaware of what that show was going to be, she said. “I was very shocked when it was released.”

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However, in light of the ongoing controversy, Holder feels as though his show wasn’t in the wrong. “I don’t think I have to apologize for feeling the way that I did.”

“She broke up with me the first day we started filming so it was a very bad time. That was a very vulnerable stage in my life and that’s what they caught on camera.”

As the two continue to go back and forth, expect more details to come to light. With just one episode of Holder’s show online, it’s clearly already stirred up a storm.

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