Asmongold defends Valkyrae in Twitch return: “People make mistakes”

asmongold-twitch-return-defend-valkyraeTwitch: Asmongold / YouTube: Valkyrae

Asmongold returned to Twitch, and one of the first things he did was defend Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter over the RFLCT skincare drama, claiming that “she obviously got played.”

Asmongold took some time off streaming after his mother sadly passed away. However, he made a brief re-appearance in which he vowed to be “less of an a**hole” moving forward and confirmed plans to return in the near future.

He followed through with those claims and returned to the platform on November 7. He also took some time to address the backlash surrounding Valkyrae’s now-defunct RFLCT skincare line, which forced her to see a therapist.

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valkyrae rflctValkyrae/RFLCT
The RFLCT skincare range prompted a wave of backlash against the streamer.

“The RFLCT thing was dumb,” he said. “But Valkyrae, she obviously got played. That’s why she’s not doing the deal anymore.”

He believes she could have ignored all the backlash still sold it. “A handful of people would have been pissed off. But that’s it, right? If she had just ignored it, she could have been fine.”

However, he commended her for not doing that and believes it’s proof she got played. “She chose not to because she didn’t want to get played herself even if she did make money on it. Because you look like an idiot.”

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Still, he admitted that she should be held accountable, at least in part, for putting herself in that position. But he believes it will serve as a “learning experience” and reminded fans that “people make mistakes.”

Asmongold isn’t the only streamer who has weighed in on the situation. Nadeshot, Pokimane, Sykkuno, and many others voiced their opinion, too.

Valkyrae was very open about her struggles regarding the RFLCT drama, and how she’s now seeing a therapist. But the good news is that she’s back to doing what she does best – streaming – after taking a brief hiatus.

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