Asmongold vows to be “less of an asshole” on Twitch after his mother’s passing

Andrew Amos
Asmongold waering green beanie and grey cardigan in treehouse

Asmongold has broken his silence following the death of his mother, returning to YouTube on November 4 to talk about his streaming future. The Twitch star isn’t going anywhere ⁠— but he is changing tact, vowing to be “less of an asshole”.

Asmongold has been taking a break from Twitch, YouTube, and social media since October 29 when he announced the passing of his mother. The tributes to the affectionately-known “Asmom” have rolled in over the last week, with Asmongold’s community rallying behind him.

The star has spoken out on camera for the first time on November 4 in a 32-minute YouTube video talking about her final moments, and the support he’s received.

“I don’t really know if my life will ever be the same,” Asmongold admitted.

“I was such a good boy, and we just would sit here in this house and play video games and hang out and she’d make us cupcakes. It was so f**king good man.”

Asmongold did brush on his immediate future on Twitch ⁠— the star “doesn’t know” when he’ll be back to streaming on his main channel. However, he plans on uploading content on his secondary ‘Zachrawrr’ Twitch and YouTube channels.

“I would like to come on my alt stream and just kind of give my opinion about things and talk about stuff that I’m reading online,” he said. “It’s either I talk to the camera or I sit in front of a mirror and I almost have the conversation with myself so I just have to get that out there.”

When he does return though, he wants to show off a “genuine and pure-hearted” personality ⁠— the glowing terms he used to describe his mom ⁠— and be “less of an asshole”.

“The truth is that this is what happens to everybody and now I guess it’s my turn to give that to somebody else. That’s the most that I can really say,” he said.

“She was the most genuine and pure-hearted and kind person that I’ve ever known and I think that from now on I’m going to try to be a little bit less of an asshole. I really am, just try to be a little bit more relaxed.”

Related quotes from video begin at 28:45.

For now, Asmongold is taking more time away from Twitch to sort out the funeral, among other obligations. However, he acknowledged all the love sent by his fans across the world ⁠— and that he will be sharing more of it once he makes his full return.

“I want to say to everybody ⁠— and not just you know my close friends and family ⁠— I really appreciate everything that you all have done,” he said. “I know how much many of you all loved my mom and thought she was great. I got so many good comments about her and people were so nice

“It made me feel so humble and so small to realize I had that many people around me who care and I really appreciate every single one of you.”

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