Asmongold slams Twitch’s “double standards” after Destiny’s ban appeal fails

Josh Taylor
Asmongold during YouTube video.

Asmongold has heavily criticized Twitch for its lack of consistency regarding the reasons for banning streamers. In particular, he has called out the platform for picking sides following Destiny’s ban appeal being refused.

Destiny was permanently banned on Twitch in 2022 and has not been allowed to return to the platform since. The streamer claimed Twitch at the time gave the reason that it was for breaking their Hateful Conduct rules in their Community Guidelines.

Despite this, he has often claimed he has never been told what he precisely said or did to invoke the suspension. However, he had also received a range of previous bans for similar reasons, such as “encouraging violence.”

On June 14, Destiny announced via his Twitter/X account that his appeal to finally get his Twitch ban lifted was unsuccessful, and that his account would “remain suspended” for violating the same guidelines.

Top Twitch streamer Asmongold has since seen the announcement and responded by firing back at the streaming platform in a lengthy YouTube video and showing his support for Destiny.

“I completely support him, 100% I support him, absolutely, unequivocally. Now unless Twitch can come out and say, or he can come out and say, this is actually the reason why, and it’s something that makes sense.

“Nah, bro, like whenever you have people like that one girl upping the anti for that bounty, and she’s like, ‘Oh, it’s a joke.’ Yeah, it’s a joke, but what if one crazy person thinks it’s not? You have another guy saying that people should kill Destiny, you have that girl calling people crackers. B**ch what the fk are you doing having them on the platform, but Destiny is not?”

“Like I got no problem. You want to keep them here, but bring him back too; that’s fine. Let’s have free speech; let’s have everybody on the platform, but don’t go and play sides.”

Timestamp: 5:45

At 7:15, Asmongold stated: “If you’re going to allow one type of it and not the other types, you’re going to get a lot of people pissed off. And you know what I think. I think you’re going to hurt your cause in the long run.

“Because people are going to think about you and they’re going to think about liars, double standards and unfairness, and their not going to like you and you know what, they shouldn’t.”

Even though other streamers, such as Sneako, have finally been unbanned after long-term suspensions, Twitch has made their decision on Destiny returning clear.

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