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Asmongold claps back at ‘hypocritical’ New World podcaster nitpicking his criticism

Published: 18/Oct/2021 17:00

by Dylan Horetski


Asmongold, real name Zack, decided to respond to insults from a New World podcaster who stated the streamer’s criticism towards the game is influenced by professional status. 

While on hiatus from his main channel due to his mom’s health, Asmongold has taken to his second channel to grind some New World gameplay.

The creator has been critical of the game during the beta as well as since release, stating that he’s able to grind the same five quests to reach max level so he can say he’s “bored.”

When Twitch podcasters ‘newworldordershow‘ heard about his comments, they claimed that Zack is influenced by money and professional status. However, when the creator got word of these judgments, he had the perfect response for the podcasters.


Asmongold reading PO Box letters on stream
Twitch: Asmongold
Asmongold has extended his hiatus from his main channel, but recently has provided “low effort” streams on his second channel.

Asmongold response to podcasters

During an early October 18 stream on his second channel ‘zackrawrr,’ the creator was made aware of a clip from the New World podcasters stating: “I’m not gonna throw him under the bus, he threw himself under the bus.”

They made these comments right after reading our report on how Asmon is reaching max level. The podcaster went on to mention: “There’s a certain amount of malice there that makes you wonder, professionally speaking, what his goal is.”

Asmongold didn’t hesitate before responding to the insults: “I would take their opinion on being a professional seriously if they were professionals, the only reason they’re in the directory is because they were embedded onto the front page.”


“I think that you can make a much stronger argument on a professional level that your opinion should be discarded much more than mine,” he continued. “because that box behind him as well as that power bank and hat were part of the influencer package provided by Amazon last year. I know that because I have one.”

Zack went on to explain that if someone is going to call him out for having ulterior motives, they shouldn’t be wearing and displaying items provided to them by the company for free: “You shouldn’t throw stones if you live in a glass house.”


This isn’t the first time Asmongold has been critical of a new game release, having recently made comments on Blizzard’s remaster of Diablo 2.