Nadeshot believes Valkyrae was “targeted” after RFLCT announcement

nadeshot and valkyraeRFLCT: Valkyrae/YouTube: Nadeshot

During a podcast with CouRage and WillNeff, Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag claimed that he believes Valkyrae was “a target” after announcing her RFLCT skincare line. 

On October 19, 100 Thieves co-owner Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter announced her RFLCT skincare line that is intended to help heal your skin after damage from the “blue light emissions.” However, it was instantly met with hesitation as social media erupted with anger, calling it a “scam.”

It wasn’t long until other influencers joined the conversation, with one leaving a damning review of the product she was sent and Sentenials content creator 39Daph claiming that she won’t support the line, despite backlash from Rae’s fans.

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Now, Nadeshot has given his verdict on the RFLCT situation, saying his fellow co-owner was a target for people on social media to create drama.

Valkyrae RFLCT PromotionRFLCT
Valkyrae referred to RFLCT as a “two-year project” that would help “everybody with a life in front of screens”.

Nadeshot believes Valkyrae was “targeted”

During the October 28 episode of the CouRage and Nadeshot show, the hosts decided to provide their reactions to the drama behind Hofstetter’s recent announcement.

WillNeff was the first to comment on the situation: “I think the outrage is inflated, how many beauty products are anti-aging? You can’t stop aging… How many people are losing their mind about that? I believe its just a lame thing to do, to take shots at a person who’s been a pretty decent human being the entirety of her career.”

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His comment struck a nerve with Nadeshot, who instantly agreed with him. Haag went on to explain that he doesn’t know a single thing about the beauty industry, but questioned why people don’t say a word about existing anti-aging cream.

“I think Rae was basically a target. Everyone had her in their crosshairs” he explained. “Everybody in the gaming industry just looks every single week to find something that they’re going to be mad about so they can talk about it on social media.”

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(Timestamp at 37:34 if it doesn’t load) 

Matt went on to explain that while the drama was unfolding, he was on vacation and wasn’t checking his phone.

When he got home, he couldn’t believe how angry people were that were still talking about it.

In leaked messages, Valkyrae can be seen talking about how she’s trying to remove herself from the situation entirely.